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At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic we believe in recognizing a familiar face, welcoming a new one, and treating everyone under our care the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

About Dr. Qazi

Dr. Nadir Qazi leads a renowned team of licensed physicians specializing in Cosmetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques. Dr. Qazi is particularly well-known for his stunning liposuction results as well his innovative facial contouring technique known as the HD Lift™. Celebrities and elite models come to Dr. Qazi because they know that he embraces a natural, untouched look for all of his patients.

Dr. Qazi was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his residency at University of Illinois at Chicago Christ Medical Center where he worked with cutting edge technology and world renowned physicians. After years of dedicated training and research, he moved to Southern California to pursue his dream of opening the most compassionate and innovative aesthetic practice in the nation.

In his spare time, Dr. Qazi enjoys sculpting, swimming, and eating copious amounts of gelato by the beach.

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About Dr. Marguerite J. Bernett, MD

Dr. Marguerite J. Bernett is a leading Orange County female plastic surgeon bringing more than 25 years of experience in enhancing one’s natural beauty through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and body contouring.

A graduate of The University of California, Irvine College of Medicine, Dr. Bernett completed more than seven years of specialized surgery training under the direction of highly esteemed surgeons at some of the nation’s finest University institutions. Working as a scientific Research Fellow assisting the world-renowned Dr. David Furnas, Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at UCI, on procedures ranging from facial birth defects on infants and children, to adult cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts, eyelids, and nasal corrective surgeries, Dr. Bernett has developed a keen artistic eye for balance and proportion that elevates aesthetic appeal. Dr. Bernett joined Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in 2022, producing gorgeous, natural looks by combining medically advanced techniques with her personal artistry.

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About Dr. Kalaria

Dr. Kalaria is a Southern California native. She is well-known for her surgical skills, taking pride in her work, and having the highest standards when it comes to patient care. She is very detail-oriented and makes sure her results are nothing short of incredible.

During her time in Houston, she has performed over 3000 procedures. Additionally, she has donated her time to helping children with burns and clefts on surgical mission trips to Mexico and El Salvador. Dr. Kalaria has contributed to the field of Plastic Surgery through research, speaking at both national and international meetings, and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals. She has served as the Director of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Assistant Professor, and Associate Program Director at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). She particularly enjoys performing rhinoplasty, facelift/necklift, blepharoplasty, breast lift/reduction, tummy tuck, and labiaplasty.

Dr. Kalaria listens to her patients to optimize her outcomes and patient satisfaction. Her female perspective and aesthetic eye give her a unique approach. Additionally, patients appreciate her straight-forward, no-nonsense style.

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