Buccal Fat Removal vs Chin Lipo – 10 Things To Know

There are many procedures that can dramatically improve your appearance, such as buccal fat removal vs chin lipo. While chin lipo targets a double chin, buccal fat removal slims the face. These procedures are recommended by plastic surgeons because they are permanent and highly transformative.  What is the Difference Between Chin Liposuction vs Buccal Fat […]

Scarless Neck Lift – 5 Best Options for Skin Tightening

If you want to look younger without visible scars, a scarless neck lift may be right for you. Patients often focus on treating the face. However, the neck can also give away your age. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic offers both surgical and minimally invasive treatment options. Patients of all ages can get natural-looking results without harming […]

What Are the Benefits of a Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift – Can They Be Combined?

A face and neck lift is recommended for anyone who wants to look decades younger. Many patients choose to only get a facelift. However, it can only be so effective because the untreated neck can still give away your age. The solution is to treat both the face and the neck for a complete transformation! […]

Double Chin Lipo – Eliminate that Extra Fat

Double chin liposuction is a fantastic method of addressing the presence of excess fat in the chin area. Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons are ready to provide you with a more fit, youthful facial structure.  What is a double chin lipo? Double chin lipo, also known as “submental liposuction”, is a surgical procedure […]


Male Tummy Tuck Results – The Essential Guide

Whit his examination of the male tummy tuck results, Dr. Qazi explains the procedure and its benefits, and answers FAQs about the process.

buccal fat removal men

Buccal Fat Removal for Men – Effective, Proven Results

Buccal fat removal for men is a proven, effective procedure to remove or reduce fat from the cheeks and eliminate the presence of the dreaded “babyface”. Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons are experts in this process and are ready to provide you with a slimmer, more contoured aesthetic.  It is completely valid for […]

Brow Lift for Men – Is a Brow Lift Right for Me?

Cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women! Brow lift for men is an effective anti-aging procedure that can make men seem more approachable.

Chin and Neck Lipo – How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Chin and neck lipo is an effective procedure that yields proven results. Dr. Qazi and his team of plastic surgeons excel at eliminating the presence of a double chin and are here to provide you with all the information you need regarding the procedure.  What is Chin and Neck Liposuction?  First, it is important to […]