Dermatologists Say These Are The 3 Makeup Products You Should Stop Using Immediately Over 40

Whether it’s foundation, concealer, or even a serum, it’s best to avoid vitamin E in your makeup products, especially if you have oily skin, Qazi explains. If you frequently experience adult acne, this is all the more reason to steer clear of this ingredient. “It is an oil-soluble antioxidant ingredient in many skincare products because of the positive effects it has been thought to have on the skin, especially regarding sun damage and hyperpigmentation like freckles,” he says. Vitamin E, often listed as tocopherol, is a “comedogenic ingredient that can clog your pores and even increase your skin’s natural sebum production,” he stresses. “Sebum is the waxy oily substance that our body makes to protect our skin, and when it gets out of hand, you are left with oily or greasy-looking skin.”

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