Breast Augmentation Before and After – Get the Best Results

It is no secret that breast augmentation is in style. However, these are not your grandmother’s breast implants; implants have changed significantly since the Baywatch days and since Anna Nicole Smith’s foray into stardom.

Your breast augmentation before and after may not be what you expect. In this article, Dr. Nadir Qazi of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic will cover everything you need to know before getting breast implants.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all cosmetic procedures. In exit interviews, 98% of women interviewed reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their results.

Before and after photos can capture how breast augmentation enhances the chest, makes the breasts appear more even, balances the figure, and corrects loss of volume from aging.

The benefits of breast augmentation are not just physical; they are mental. Most women know that the right outfit can make them feel like a million bucks and can boost their whole day. Breast implants can permanently make you feel like a million bucks. Women who have had breast augmentation report feeling more feminine and having an increased enjoyment in the bedroom. 

Breast augmentation also has huge mental health benefits for women who have undergone a mastectomy, as well as individuals who are seeking gender-affirming care to achieve a more feminine body.

Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

Breast Augmentation Before and After – All the steps:

Everyone sees before and after pictures and thinks to themselves “I want to look like that.” However, it isn’t always obvious how to get from point A, where you currently are, to point C, where you look that good too. For many potential patients, the idea of breast implants sounds like a long and hard procedure. The reality is that the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic will be here to walk you through it and help you along the way. 

There are 8 steps to getting breast augmentation: 

  1. Schedule a consultation 
  2. Discuss your options, questions, and concerns during the consultation 
  3. Make a final decision 
  4. Schedule a day for the procedure
  5. Begin preparing for the procedure
  6. Have your implants placed
  7. Recover for 6 weeks
  8. Enjoy your new breasts!

What Happens During a Consultation For Breast Augmentation?

If you are interested in breast implants, your first step should be to schedule a consultation. The purpose of a consultation is for Dr. Qazi to examine your chest and for you to discuss your goals and concerns. This is your time to ask questions. Especially if you have never had a cosmetic procedure before, it is very important that you get all your concerns out of the way. 

One aspect of the consultation involves making decisions about the shape, size, material, placement, and insertion technique for your implants. Because breast implant technology has come so far, women have more options than ever to get the exact look that they want. 

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    As a patient, there are 6 decisions that determine how your new breasts will look after your breast augmentation procedure: 

    1. Is a Fat Transfer or Breast Implants Better for Breast Augmentation?

    A fat transfer involves taking fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the breasts. This procedure requires that you have extra weight elsewhere on your body. Implants are ideal for women who want guaranteed results in terms of size, feel, and placement. Implants can be more easily customized for match your figure

    2. What is the Best Type of Implant for Breast Augmentation?

    You have 3 options for breast implants:

    • silicone
    • saline
    • gummy bear.

    Silicone implants have a silicone shell and are filled with a liquid type of silicone gel. This gives them a more natural feel. 

    Saline implants have a silicone shell and a saline solution filling. Saline solution is frequently used to flush IVs in medical procedures and to clean piercings. It is body-safe because it mimics the sodium concentration found in blood and tears. 

    Gummy bear implants are a type of silicone implants that are made with a silicone shell and silicone cohesive gel filling. The filling is thick enough that it will not leak out of the implant in the case of a rupture. Gummy bear implants are not only one of the safest options, they also look the most natural. Unlike silicone and saline implants, gummy bear implants come in a teardrop shape to give the appearance of a natural droop in the breasts. 

    Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

    3. How Can a Breast Implant Be Inserted?

    There are 4 different ways to insert a breast implant: through the nipples, under the breast, through the underarm, or through the belly button. 

    The most common insertion method is under the breast. Any type of implant can be inserted this way, and if you want the implant removed, it can be taken out through the same incision.

    Another option is around the nipple. For this method, the medical team will make an incision around the outside of the nipple and place the implant through it. This method does a very good job disguising scars to the point where you will have no visible scarring. However, due to the small size of the incision area, only saline implants can be placed this way. Silicone and gummy bear implants are too large because they come pre-filled. 

    Saline breast implants can also be placed through an incision in the underarm. This method also disguises the scars in the natural folds of the armpit. 

    The final option for inserting breast implants in through the belly button. This method does not result in any visible scars; however, it is only an option for saline implants because of their size. Additionally, the implants cannot be removed again through the naval, so it will be necessary for another incision to be made to take the implants back out. 

    4. What Is the Best Size for Breast Implants?

    Breast size is normally measured in cups. Nowadays, the B cup is the new C cup. Having overly large, protruding implants has gone out of style; the new trend in breast augmentation is for a more natural look that fits a woman’s figure. 

    When you meet with Dr. Qazi, he can show you different size implants and explain how the different sizes may sit on your chest.

    The general rule of thumb is that 200cc of filling in an implant is enough to take you up 1 cup size. For example, it would take 200cc to take someone from an A cup to a B cup, and 400cc to go from an A cup to a C cup. 

    While 200cc may sound like a lot, it actually isn’t. On average, most women find that around 300cc is the perfect amount of filling to achieve their goals, without making their chests too big. 

    Dr. Qazi recommends that women look at some breast augmentation before and after photos before their consultation. If there is a size that you like, you are welcome to bring in the photo to help demonstrate your goals. It is best if you look for after photos with women who have a similar build as you. 

    5. Is it Better to Have Breast Implants Placed Over the Muscle or Under the Muscle?

    Once you customize the size, shape, material, and insertion method for your implants, you will need to consider where the implant should be placed in relation to the chest muscles. 

    Subglandular placement, also called over-the-muscle placement, involves placing the implant between the muscle and the glands in the breasts. Because the implant is under the glands, you will still be able to breastfeed normally.

    The biggest benefits of sub-glandular placement are that you will have a slightly shorter, less painful recovery; the implants will also not move as much during chest-related physical activity. 

    Submuscular placement, also called under-the-muscle placement, is ideal because it produces a more natural overall shape. It is also slightly safer because there is less risk of calcification of the implant, as well as a better ability to screen for breast cancer via mammogram. 

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      6. How Can I Ensure the Best Results After Breast Augmentation?

      There are 3 ways to ensure that you get the best, most beautiful results from your breast augmentation. 

      I – Choose an experienced, board-certified team to perform your procedure

      Dr. Qazi has partnered with an expert team of plastic surgeons to perform all surgical procedures at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Dr. Qazi’s team has significant experience performing breast implants and utilizes all the latest techniques to maximize safety and to give you your desired results. 

      II – Properly prepare for the procedure.

      All pre-op prep is customized, depending on your health, your medical history, and the exact plan for the procedure.

      In general, patients are normally instructed to do the following before a breast augmentation procedure: 

      • Stop taking blood thinners, which may include aspirin as well as herbal and OTC medications, 2-4 weeks before the procedure. 
      • Stop smoking and consuming alcohol 2-4 weeks before the procedure. 
      • Keep your weight as stable as possible if you are getting a fat transfer.
      • Avoid food and drink at least 8 hours before the procedure is scheduled. 
      • Arrange for someone to drive you to the procedure and take care of you afterward. 
      • Prepare to take up to 1 week off of work. 
      • Stock up on recovery materials, such as easy meals, ice packs, entertainment, pain relief, and comfy clothes. 

      III – Properly care for your body after the procedure.

      The recovery for breast augmentation is normally around 6 weeks, although it may be longer for older patients and anyone who gets submuscular implants.

      To get the best results, follow your doctor’s post-op instructions, which will include: 

      • Walk around as soon as possible after you wake up in the recovery room.
      • Wear your support garment as much as possible for the first 2-4 weeks.
      • Avoid all strenuous movement for 2-4 weeks, especially anything that involves lifting the arms over the head.
      • If you smoke regularly, try to quit entirely because smoking can adversely affect the body’s ability to heal.
      • Stay hydrated and eat nutritious meals. 
      • Keep the treatment area and any incisions clean and protected. 

      Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

      Get Ready for Your Breast Augmentation!

      If you are ready to make your body goals a reality, then the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic can help! Schedule a consultation today to finally achieve the figure of your dreams. 

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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