Buccal Fat Removal for Men – Effective, Proven Results

buccal fat removal men

Buccal fat removal for men is a proven, effective procedure to remove or reduce fat from the cheeks and eliminate the presence of the dreaded “babyface”. Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons are experts in this process and are ready to provide you with a slimmer, more contoured aesthetic. 

It is completely valid for men to receive buccal fat surgery. Buccal fat pads are inherent in everyone’s face, though the extent of the fat varies greatly. As such, men with an excess amount of buccal fat – resulting in the appearance of a round or full face – benefit significantly from the operation. 

In order to provide men with a complete and thorough understanding of buccal fat removal for men, let us take an in-depth look at what the operation entails. In what follows, we’ll examine the benefits of electing for buccal fat removal or reduction, address pre-and-post surgery strategies, and answer common questions men have regarding the procedure. 

What is Buccal Fat Reduction and Removal? 

First, it is important to note that the buccal fat pad is a round mass of fat located in the middle of the cheek, between the facial muscles, and under the cheekbones. It is possible to have different-sized buccal pads on each cheek. Dr. Qazi states that buccal fat removal for men and reduction is the process of, “cutting away the buccal fat pads in the cheeks to create the appearance of thinner cheeks and a more angular face.” This is accomplished by making an incision on the inside of your cheek (in your mouth), thus revealing the fat underneath. Depending on the amount of fat present in your buccal pads, the fat is then either entirely removed or partially reduced and the incision is repaired using sutures. 

Why is Buccal Fat Surgery Popular for Men? 

Men elect to partake in buccal fat therapy for aesthetic reasons. Extra fat in the cheeks can result in a man having a “babyface” – a round, full facial appearance that can betray a man’s desired sense of masculinity. Perhaps you’ve always had extra fat in your cheeks, or maybe you’ve recently added a few pounds to your weight and have noticed your cheeks look fuller. Regardless of the reason, the presence of accumulated fat in the cheek area need not be permanent. To that end, buccal fat removal for men provides a more fit, youthful countenance. This slimmer, more detailed facial profile in turn lends itself to an increase in self-confidence and overall satisfaction with a man’s physical appearance. Looking and feeling your best is an understandable and relatable desire and buccal fat surgery presents itself as a fantastic option for men pursuing this goal. 

In addition, plastic surgery is a common, popular choice that millions of Americans opt for every year. Indeed its popularity has soared during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reporting that 1.4 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed in 2021. Buccal therapy falls into this category and presents itself as an appealing option for many men. 

Furthermore, it is imperative to refute the wide-held notion that cosmetic surgery is an endeavor reserved for the female population. Indeed, It is becoming increasingly common for men to undergo a variety of plastic surgery operations. In fact, according to a report published by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, men accounted for 13% of all cosmetic surgeries in 2020. Accordingly, men should feel secure in the knowledge that many of their peers are pursuing cosmetic solutions to enhance their appearance. 

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    How Men Should Prepare for Buccal Fat Removal 

    Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons will provide you with personalized, explicit instructions on how to properly prepare for the procedure. With that said, there are general guidelines that all men need to follow. For example, you must cease smoking four weeks prior to the procedure and eliminate all alcohol one week beforehand. In addition, it is recommended you avoid all blood-thinning medications two weeks before undergoing the procedure. Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons will also ask you about any drug allergies and past surgeries to ensure that the operation is executed with the utmost degree of safety and care. 

    During the Operation

    Since buccal fat removal for men is performed by making incisions on the inside part of the mouth, it stands as one of the least invasive cosmetic surgeries. Patients are given local anesthesia to mitigate any discomfort and Dr. Qazi emphasizes that many patients report feeling no pain whatsoever. The procedure is also completed in a timely manner – from start to finish, patients can expect the operation to be completed in as little as 30-60 minutes. 

    The Best Way to Recover from Buccal Surgery 

    Following all post-surgery instructions provided to you by Dr. Qazi or one of his surgeons is absolutely essential in ensuring the long-lasting success of the procedure. In that vein, you will be provided with clear, concise directions on how to prevent infection and properly change your bandages. Furthermore, you must adhere to a liquid diet until all incisions are healed. And, patients should refrain from touching the stitches with their tongue until the stitches are entirely healed. 

    Expected Recovery Time

    Another benefit men can expect as a result of buccal reduction or removal is the quick recovery time associated with the operation. Any swelling or bruising as a result of the surgery can take up to 14 days to heal, and in some instances, this process can take three weeks. With that said, most individuals are cleared to resume regular activities in seven days. This short time frame represents one of the quickest recovery periods of surgical cosmetic procedures.

    Now that we have covered the different steps of buccal fat removal for men, let’s answer some common questions men have regarding the operation. 

    Who is an Ideal Candidate for Buccal Therapy? 

    As mentioned prior, any man with an excess of fat in the cheeks should consider buccal fat reduction or removal. With that said, however, it is important that you be in good physical health and be at a healthy weight for your size and age. Dr. Qazi also stresses the fact that the best candidates are non-smokers. 

    If you are considering buccal surgery and are seeking confirmation that you are an ideal candidate, reach out to the Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and schedule a consultation. Dr. Qazi or one of his surgeons will evaluate your unique circumstances and provide you with an expert recommendation on how best to proceed. 

    Do Men Need to be of a Certain Age for Buccal Surgery? 

    Buccal fat removal for men is not relegated to a specific age range. Indeed, men of all ages who have excess fat in their cheeks should consider the procedure. Cosmetic surgery in general is well-dispersed among people of all ages and is certainly not an enterprise reserved for the elderly. There is simply no need or requirement for men to wait until later in life to acquire a refreshed appearance. 

    Is Buccal Fat Surgery Safe? 

    This is a critical question to consider, and the answer is: yes! Buccal fat removal for men is very safe and you should feel reassured that the procedure is minimally invasive and therefore very low-risk. Furthermore, there will be no visible scarring – all incisions are made within the mouth, and no scarring will be apparent to those around you. Rest assured that Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons are all professionally certified and consider your safety and well-being paramount to their process. 

    Can Men Combine Buccal Fat Removal with other Surgeries? 

    Yes, you can certainly combine buccal fat reduction or removal with other surgeries. For example, it is common to pair buccal fat therapy with the following surgeries: rhinoplasty, facelift, botox injection, lip therapy, and facial implants. 

    In fact, combining procedures is an excellent idea when seeking to completely rejuvenate your appearance. The presence of excess fat in the cheeks is often an indicator that an individual may possess an accumulation of fat in other parts of their body as well. As such, combining buccal therapy with other procedures is a fantastic method of creating an appearance that is overall slimmer, more youthful, and decidedly fit.

    Dr. Qazi and his team of surgeons are experts in all the above-mentioned operations and can guide you through the process of deciding which selections make the most sense for you as an individual. Should you need further information regarding any of the aforementioned procedures, be sure to check out Dr. Qazi’s insightful articles on rhinoplasty, facelifts, botox, lip therapy, and facial implants.     

    It is worth mentioning that Dr. Qazi employs general anesthesia when patients combine surgeries; this is a safe and effective method of reducing discomfort. 

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      How Long Until Men can See the Results of Buccal Therapy? 

      The results of buccal fat removal for men are apparent very soon after the procedure. A degree of swelling is completely normal immediately following the operation and may initially obscure the full effects; these symptoms, however, will dissipate in as little as 5-7 days. As such, you will soon be able to notice a change in the size and shape of your cheeks and you will be able to discern a more angular, detailed facial appearance. Your refreshed, slimmer cheeks will be fully settled after four months. 

      Are the Results of Buccal Surgery Permanent? 

      Indeed they are. Buccal fat therapy is the reduction or removal of fat cells from the cheeks, and fat cells do not return once removed from the body. It is important to note, however, that the permanency of the results is dependent on two factors: that the shape of your face doesn’t change as you age, and that you maintain your weight. While the former is out of your control, the latter adds an increased incentive to watch your diet and pursue healthy lifestyle choices. 

      buccal fat removal for men

      Dear Men: It’s Time to Slim Down Your Cheeks 

      There is no need for men to remain disheartened by the presence of excess fat in their cheeks. Buccal fat removal for men is a procedure that is safe, minimally invasive, and yields proven results. Electing for buccal therapy will provide you with a renewed sense of self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, and result in a more balanced, defined facial countenance. Reach out to the Qazi Cosmetic Clinic today to schedule your consultation!

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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