BBL and Breast Augmentation – Can They Be Combined?

You don’t have to be a mom to get the famous “mommy makeover.” Anyone can get a BBL and breast augmentation combo procedure! Qazi Cosmetic Clinic now offers BBL and breast augmentation for all patients in Orange County. 

Can You Combine BBL and Breast Augmentation?

In the same way that other cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed at the same time, it is possible to combine a BBL and breast augmentation for the right candidates. However, most surgeons do not recommend getting a BBL and breast implants at the same time.

The biggest reason for this is the recovery requirements. It is challenging to find a position that does not put pressure on the butt or on the chest; failing to do so can harm the results, especially when it comes to the shape and volume of the butt.

Here are the 3 things that Dr. Qazi always tells patients about combining breast augmentation and a BBL: 

  1. Never Base Your Decisions About Procedures on Cost

One of the biggest benefits of getting a BBL and breast augmentation at the same time is the cost. Instead of paying for surgical suite time, the nursing staff, the anesthesiologist, the materials, and the surgeons’ expertise twice, you only do it once and get a makeover in two different areas. If you want a huge transformation for a fraction of the cost, then many people will suggest combining the two. 

However, Dr. Qazi tells patients to never center costs when considering procedures. When you focus on saving yourself money, you stop focusing on your own wellbeing and health. 

  1. What Type of Breast Augmentation Do You Want?

There are two different procedures that fall into the category of breast augmentation: implants and a fat transfer to the breasts. A BBL also involves a fat transfer. Breast implants are easier to insert in the same procedure as a BBL for thinner patients. In order to get a BBL, you need to have extra fat cells on another part of your body, such as your thighs, belly, waist, or back. If you get a BBL and a breast augmentation fat transfer, you need to have even more additional fat. 

Depending on your body size, it may not be possible to do a BBL and breast augmentation at the same time. Thinner patients may be advised to get implants instead of a breast fat transfer. 

  1. Recovery Time

Recovering after any medical procedure, necessary or cosmetic, will be required. You have to take between a few days and several weeks off work, depending on the procedure. 

Each procedure requires slightly different recovery methods. When you get a BBL, you are instructed to not sit on flat surfaces to preserve the rounded shape until it heals. After a BBL, you will probably want to sleep on your stomach. When you get breast augmentation, your surgical team will instruct you to sleep on your back to avoid compressing the breasts and irritating the treatment area. 

Before you set your heart on getting a BBL and breast augmentation combo procedure, it is important to understand exactly what happens during each procedure. The first step is to set up a consultation with a trusted surgeon like Dr. Qazi in Orange County, CA.

Before and after results of a breast augmentation that was performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

What is a BBL?

BBL stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift.” You have probably heard of it because it is popular among celebrities and influencers. The BBL also has a bit of a checkered reputation; however, when the procedure is performed by experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeons, it is perfectly safe

During a BBL, fat cells are taken out of the donor area of the body using liposuction. Almost any area of the body can donate fat cells. Most patients choose to have fat cells removed from their waist, belly, back, or thighs. The belly is a popular choice because it can solve stubborn, unsightly belly fat while enhancing your assets. 

After the fat cells are removed, they are purified. This is an important part of the procedure. When the cells are removed, they will have other fluids, like blood, mixed in. Purifying the fat cells makes it easier for the body to absorb them when they are reinjected. 

The final step of the procedure is the transfer. The purified fat cells are injected into the butt to create volume. Because fat absorption is highly varied, it is a common practice to overinject. Normally only 20% to 50% of the fat cells are properly absorbed and incorporated into the new area of the body. 

Because fat absorption is so unpredictable, it can be difficult to know exactly how your end results will look. Some patients may want a second BBL to truly transform their assets. 

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    How Long Does it Take to Recover After a BBL?

    Patients typically need 6 weeks to recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift. It takes up to a year total for the results to be final and for the liposuction incisions to heal. 

    Immediately after the procedure, patients will be unable to drive themselves home. It is important for a support person to take you home and care for you for the first few days. It is recommended that patients utilize a donut pillow to protect the treatment area. 

    During the first 2 weeks, you should avoid all strenuous activity, including cleaning, walking quickly, and bending. By the 3rd week, it is safe to sit directly on the butt; however, you may prefer to recline, sleep on your stomach, and continue using your donut pillow.

    It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks for the body to heal enough for you to be comfortable again. Around the 4th week mark, patients may be able to resume their normal activities, including work and light exercise. Squatting and heavy cardio should be avoided until Dr. Qazi gives you the all clear. 

    At 6 weeks, your body will be adequately healed to return to all your normal activities. It will take around a year for your new body to settle into shape and for the transferred fat to be fully absorbed into your behind. 

    What is it Like to Recover After Breast Augmentation?

    Most people are familiar with what breast augmentation entails. There are 2 options for adding volume to the chest: breast implants and a fat transfer. 

    During a breast implant procedure, the medical team inserts either silicone, saline, or gummy bear implants into the breasts. They can be inserted through the nipples, the armpit, the belly button, or under the breast; implants can also be placed above the chest muscle or under the chest muscle. 

    A fat transfer is the same mechanism behind a BBL: fat is removed from one area, purified, and injected into the breasts to make them larger. 

    Recovering From Implants: What to Expect

    • First 24 hours: A friend or family member will need to drive you home. You should avoid laying on your front or putting too much pressure on your new breasts. 
    • First week: Patients can return to work in 5-7 days. As the breasts settle into place, you should avoid lifting anything over 20 pounds or lifting your arms over your head. A support bra should be worn as much as possible.
    • 3 to 4 weeks: You can resume light to moderate activities while continuing to wear a support bra. 
    • 5 to 6 weeks: By week 6, you should be fully recovered and able to resume all normal activities. It may take an additional 6-12 months for the breasts to settle into their final shape and position. 

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      How Long After a BBL Can I Get Breast Augmentation?

      It takes about 6 weeks to be fully healed from a Brazilian Butt Lift. During your recovery, you should check in with Dr. Qazi and have a post-op appointment to check how your body is healing. If Dr. Qazi and his surgical team agree that it is safe for you to get breast augmentation at the 6 week mark, then you can schedule and start preparing for the procedure. 

      There are big benefits to getting a BBL and breast augmentation 6 weeks or more apart instead of at the same time. Here are a few reasons why your future self will thank you: 

      1. Waiting to heal from your BBL means that you will be able to comfortably lay down on your back while your breasts heal. 
      1. Separate recoveries are less painful than experiencing discomfort in both treatment areas at once. 
      1. You will have better mobility if you get a BBL then breast augmentation after it heals. That way, you only have to be careful with one area of the body at a time. 
      1. When you get your breast augmentation, you will know the drill and be prepared for the procedure and the recovery. You may even develop some life hacks that you learned after your BBL to make the process easier. 
      Before and after results of a breast augmentation that was performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

      BBL and Breast Augmentation At the Same Time: Is It a Good Idea?

      The bottom line is that it is more comfortable and manageable to get a BBL, recover for 6 weeks, then schedule breast augmentation. 

      Dr. Qazi and his team recommend getting a BBL and breast augmentation as 2 separate procedures. Once your body heals completely after a BBL, then you can get breast augmentation. Your new body will be worth the wait!

      Contour and Transform at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic!

      Do you have lingering questions about a BBL and breast augmentation? If so, Dr. Qazi and his team have answers. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn if you are a good candidate for long-lasting body contouring. 

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