Dermal Fillers Are Uneven – All You Need to Know

Dermal fillers are supposed to make different parts of your face look better, look younger, and look more natural. For example, with proper use, your cheeks can appear rounder. Your tear troughs and temples can come across as less hollow. You can create the illusion of having a thinner face by defining your jawline. Your nose can have a better shape. And your overall face can seem to be more balanced. But what happens when your face looks like dermal fillers gone wrong?

If you’ve ever seen any of your favorite movie stars, long-time TV favorite actors and actresses, musicians, or celebrities just look plain weird at an awards show, or in their latest production, they most likely had one or several dermal filler complications.

Dermal Filler Problems Happen All The Time.

Unfortunately, this can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe the Med Spa staff member was not as experienced as he or she should have been. Perhaps the training was a long time ago. Or it could be that this was the wrong amount of dermal filler to get the job done right. Or the person at the other end of the needle chose the wrong product for this particular need.

Other visible signs of mishaps can and do include:

  • A broader, flatter nose
  • “Chipmunk” or “pillow” cheeks that are way too plump and unnatural
  • “Duck lips” that look fat and wider
  • A pointed chin.

What Are Some Dermal Filler Side Effects?

Side effects are rare for injections of FDA-approved dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar complex found naturally in your body. But after any dermal filler injection, you may notice one or more of the following conditions:

  • A blocked blood vessel – The dermal filler could be injected into the wrong place on your face and inadvertently block a blood vessel, causing pain and skin discoloration
  • Bruising – Any injection can cause bruising
  • Infection – There is always the risk of infection from an injection that breaks the barrier of your skin
  • Redness, Soreness and Swelling –– These are all common side effects, but
    should resolve themselves within a few days.
The appearance of a patient's face before and after receiving dermal filler treatment by Dr. Qazi was observed.

Dermal Fillers Gone Right.

All of this is why you should trust a highly qualified and trained provider to create a specialized treatment that’s best suited for your face.

Dr. Nadir Qazi, founder of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and Med Spa, has had extensive anatomy experience and training to minimize the risks of injecting dermal fillers and help you avoid dermal fillers gone wrong.

What Do Dermal Fillers Do?

FDA-approved dermal fillers help replenish your body’s hyaluronic acid. In Dr. Qazi’s skilled hands as an expert in non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Newport Beach, California, the results –– very simply –– can make your face achieve more volume and appear more youthful overall.

Dr. Qazi uses a variety of formula options with different strengths to determine the best solution for you to achieve optimal results to mitigate any potential dermal filler problems.

In addition, when you get your dermal filler injection, no anesthesia is required, an office visit typically only takes about 15 to 30 minutes, there is no downtime, and your discomfort is usually minimal.

What Types of Dermal Fillers Are Used?

Popular products such as long-lasting Radiesse®, Juvederm® Voluma® or Sculptra® can all be effective as FDA-approved injectable fillers, as well as those that are comprised of Hyaluronic Acid, a sugar complex that is found naturally in our bodies.

Dr. Qazi prefers Radiesse above other fillers. After all, it was introduced to the U.S. in 2010 so it now has had more than a decade of proven results. After injection, it:

  • Provides some immediate opportunities for volume and correction
  • Contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHa) microspheres, which are a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite
  • Triggers your body to stimulate collagen production to make jaw and cheek wrinkles disappear
  • Smooths and plumps the areas around your jaw and chin for one to two months
  • Dissipates moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in your face
  • Offers beautiful results that can typically last for up to two years
  • Can also be used on your cheekbones, hands, and other areas of your body.

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    Who Is A Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

    Generally speaking, any male or female 18 years of age or older who wants more shape, more volume, and more definition in their face may be a suitable candidate for advanced dermal fillers.
    Because the effects of dermal fillers during pregnancy or if you’re nursing have not been studied, we advise patients in these situations to avoid this treatment.
    When you reserve time for an appointment with Dr. Qazi, we will discuss a specialized, customized treatment that best fits your particular needs.

    What Are The Youthful-Looking Results to Avoid Dermal Filler Problems?

    Depending on the area being treated, you can present the perception that your face looks fuller and more evenly balanced. Your jawline can also appear correspondingly thinner.

    For Radiesse®, Juvederm® Voluma® or Sculptra®, you can typically notice full and natural results instantly after just one treatment, which can last between 6 to 12 months. Because of this, we recommend regularly scheduled follow-up visits to maintain the optimal results you seek.

    How Long Will One Dermal Filler Treatment Take?

    As with any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment, the length of time for one treatment will depend on how much volume loss you may have, but typically, a treatment takes about 30 minutes. If another Med Spa tells you that your appointment will only take 5 or 10 minutes, or that it will last for several years, this may be a warning sign of dermal fillers gone wrong.

    Is a Dermal Filler Injection Painful?

    No, it is not painful. Patients are first always provided with a topical medical-grade numbing agent, then injected with a formulation that includes lidocaine –– a local anesthetic ––  along with certain fillers. If you tell us that you’re allergic to lidocaine, you’ll be given a different numbing option prior to your injection.

    The appearance of a patient's face before and after receiving dermal filler treatment by Dr. Qazi was observed.

    What is the Cost for a Filler Treatment?

    The cost for any non-invasive cosmetic procedure at Qazi Clinic depends on the number of appointments, as well as the number of vials of the dermal fillers that you may need to achieve optimal results for a younger, fuller, and more natural appearance. All of this will be discussed at your initial consultation.

    What Should You Do on the Day of Your Appointment?

    To help avoid dermal filler problems, we strongly recommend that you do not exercise on the day of your cosmetic treatment, nor should you take any blood thinners or medications such as aspirin or Plavix, since they can increase pre- and post-treatment bleeding.

    Dermal Filler Aftercare Instructions.

    Dr. Qazi, the founder of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic & Med Spa, takes the time to meet with each patient to discuss treatment options –––– before, during, and especially after a procedure.

    This is particularly important after a dermal filler treatment where it is typical to notice some swelling, bruising, redness, and soreness.

    Please note that any of these post-injection issues are all common and should resolve themselves in the next few days or up to a week or longer, as your final results will usually be seen from a few days to about two weeks after your treatment.

    At that point in time, we can assess when you may need a follow-up dermal filler treatment to achieve your aesthetic goals in our Newport Beach, California office. After all, you should follow Dr. Qazi’s advice if you don’t want to experience dermal fillers gone wrong.

    What to take for pain relief after an advanced dermal filler:

    • We recommend Tylenol (Acetaminophen) for any discomfort; but you should avoid Ibuprofen or Naproxen for the first 3 days after your procedure.
    • You should avoid NSAIDS and other blood thinners which can lead to increased bruising.

    What to do about bruising and swelling:

    • If you’ve received an aesthetic treatment on your face, and you do experience some bruising and swelling, which is typical, you can apply an ice pack or a cool compress.

    Bruising and swelling – what to do in this case:

    • If swelling should occur, you should use an ice pack.
    • Also, do not book any important events for 3 to 6 days after the procedure, avoid alcohol, and do not take certain medications.

    Follow-up appointment for a dermal filler:

    • Dr. Qazi at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and Med Spa will review the results of your dermal filler injections about 4 weeks after your appointment to ensure that the treatment has been effective, though you should notice some improvement instantly. Optimal results are typically seen over a 6- to 12-month period.

    What Are Some Testimonials About Fillers?

    “I love this place! Dr. Qazi and his staff are so nice. Plus the office is beautiful. I came in for lip, tear trough, and cheek filler. Plus Dysport for masseter reduction / TMJ. I was very impressed with how thorough he was and I am so happy with my results so far (I’m still healing) but WOW. I was so impressed by Dr. Qazi’s talent and expertise and would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure!”
    – H.D.

    “Really love Dr. Qazi and his staff. I had a thread lift done way back in May and I keep coming back for other procedures just because I love his work so much. He did under eye filler for me recently and it basically cured a lifelong problem. I plan on saving up some more to get some more treatments. Definitely would not trust anyone else.”
    – B.K.

    “I am obsessed with how my face looks now. I originally found Dr. Qazi through his Instagram page because I was looking for a good dermatologist and I saw that his patients never looks overdone but the tweaks still looked great. So I noticed I had hollowness and dark circles under my eyes but since I had never done fillers before, I was not sure what exactly should be done here. He basically recommends a few different treatments.”
    – R.P.

    “First, he did treatments under the eye which worked great for the darkness and then he fixed the hollowness with some filler. He also did just a little on my cheeks to lift this up some more. For anyone else who has genetic dark circles, you guys know that everyone always says how tired we look (when we are not). This really helped me so much. Thanks again.”
    – M.K.

    “I had the BEST and most professional experience at Dr. Qazi’s Clinic the other day!! He did my lips and under eyes and I barely bruised! I get soo many compliments from people but they can’t quite figure out what’s different about me. I’ll probably go in for another syringe in my lips. I can’t wait! Highly recommend this place for fillers!”
    – T.D.

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      What Are Other Filler Treatment Options to Prevent Dermal Fillers Gone Wrong?

      Besides dermal fillers, Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and Med Spa offers the following filler options:

      • Cheek Fillers
      • Temple Fillers
      • Jaw Fillers
      • Chin Fillers
      • Under Eye Fillers
      • Anti-Aging Hand Fillers
      • Nasal Labial Folds
      • Lip Fillers
      • Marionette Fillers
      • Filler Dissolving With Hylenex

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      Dermal filler problems should not be something you encounter when you visit your Med Spa. So if you want to ensure getting dermal fillers that are done correctly and provide even-looking results –– please contact our office here to schedule your initial consultation.

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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