Dissolving Lip Filler Lumps – Treat Uneven or Oversized Lips

Lip fillers are in! From celebrities to influencers, YouTubers, and beauty gurus, everyone is getting their lips enhanced with fillers. However, these plump, beautiful, easy-to-put-makeup-on lips have a dark side. When cosmetic procedures become too popular, the result is an explosion of DIY and “back alley” injectables. When people who are not board-certified and experienced at placing lip fillers attempt to provide the procedure, it results in unsightly and dangerous complications for the patients. 

This is why Dr. Nadir Qazi, in addition to offering safe, effective lip filler injections, also specializes in dissolving lip filler lumps. If you received your fillers from another provider and are noticing the appearance of lumps and bumps, come to Qazi Cosmetic Clinic to have your lip fillers dissolved or reshaped. 

Dissolving Lip Filler Lumps – How Does It Work?

Lip fillers are made up of a naturally occurring sugar complex called hyaluronic acid, which is normally absorbed into the body over time. However, if you are experiencing lumps or other side effects and can’t wait 6 to 12 months for your fillers to dissolve, it is possible to dissolve the fillers fast. An injection of Hyaluronidase is able to quickly break down your lip fillers and return your lips to their original state. 

After dissolving lip filler lumps, you can have your lips re-plumped properly at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Unlike these wayward, back alley practitioners, Dr. Qazi is an expert board-certified cosmetic physician who is highly experienced at safely injecting lip filler to give you the results that you want. 

Many patients have concerns that their lips will end up being too big or uneven after they have their lip injection redone. Don’t worry! The team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic specializes in giving you natural-looking results. If you choose to have your fillers redone, you will still look like yourself, but your lips will be tastefully plumped and ready for lipgloss. 

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is extremely similar to dermal fillers, except that lip fillers go in the lips, not other areas of the face. Lip fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, which is a type of sugar complex that naturally occurs in the body. While there are several different brands of lip fillers, the type made from hyaluronic acid is the best because they can easily be dissolved if you change your mind. 

The goal of lip fillers is to give the lips more roundness and volume. Fillers are ideal for people, including both men and women, who have thin lips or uneven lips. Many A-List celebrities have been open about their lip fillers, including Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Anna Faris, Lucy Hale, Bella Thorne, and Britney Spears. If you have watched Glow Up on Netflix, you will probably notice that many of the MUA competitors are also sporting lip fillers to complement their makeup looks. 

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, lip fillers are highly accessible and come with many benefits: 

  1. The results can look very natural if injected properly. 
  2. Fillers make lipstick, lip gloss, and liquid lipstick go on like a charm!
  3.  If thin lips are your insecurity, a quick 45 minute session can boost your confidence in seconds.
  4. The procedure to get lip fillers is fast, affordable, and requires no downtime. 
  5. Getting lip fillers is relatively painless.
  6. Lip fillers are ideal for patients of all ages. Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, lip fillers can definitely help your appearance and your confidence. 
  7. The results last 6 to 12 months, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your look before the fillers start to dissolve. 
  8. Fillers are that extra POP that can make a huge difference for your face. Patients who get lip fillers report that they don’t have to wear as much makeup and that they now have an “off-duty model,” effortlessly beautiful look. 

When To Dissolve Lip Fillers: 5 Problems To Look Out For

It can happen to anyone: you see a Facebook ad for cheap fillers, get injected in someone’s kitchen, have a few hours to be excited about your fillers, and then the lumps start to show up. If this is you, don’t worry, there is a solution!

These are potential problems that necessitate dissolving lip filler lumps: 

  1. Duck Lips – When the filler migrates to the area above the lips, it makes the top part of your top lip look huge. Duck faces might have been a popular selfie trend in the early 2000s, but nowadays, duck lips don’t look good on anyone. 
  1. Filler Migration – Fillers can migrate to other areas of the lips as well, causing the lips to become swollen, uneven, and misshapen. 
  1. Overfilling – A common rookie mistake is to overfill the lips. This leads to discoloration, improperly sized lips, pain, and bruising. When it comes to the lips, bigger is not actually better and oversized lips can both cause the patient physical discomfort, as well as hurt their look. 
  1. Lumps and Bumps on the Surface of the Lips – When filler is injected too close to the surface of the lips, it causes hard lumps and bumps to form. This makes the lips look uneven and poorly shaped. 
  1. Blocking Veins or Arteries – Thankfully, this complication is less common. If the filler is injected into the veins or arteries, it can cause infection, swelling, and tissue death. The only treatment is to have the filler dissolved as quickly as possible. 

I Don’t Like My Fillers, What Are My Options?

If you don’t like your fillers, you essentially have 3 options, depending on why you don’t like your fillers and how misshaped they are. Some complications are only minor inconveniences, so you are safe to just wait it out. However, other complications can permanently harm your lips, so it may be necessary to dissolve the filler right away. 

Option 1: Dissolve the Filler

This option is best if:

  • Your filler is overfilled. 
  • The filler is blocking veins and arteries, which risks necrosis.
  • The filler has migrated and caused severe imbalances in the lips. 
  • You don’t like the appearance of your filler and can’t stand to look at it for another minute. 
  • You got lip fillers, but now want to return to a more natural look.

If you want your filler out immediately, Dr. Qazi and his team can help! When you come in for dissolving lip filler lumps, Dr. Qazi can use ultrasound to identify the migrated fillers. Once they are targeted, he will strategically inject Hyaluronidase into your lips to dissolve the offending lumps. 

Option 2: Wait It Out

This option only works for patients whose fillers are not blocking veins and arteries, or causing another health concern. Most patients who decide to wait it out are overall happy with their look and do not have any glaring asymmeries. The ideal patient for waiting it out is someone who got lip fillers a few months ago, liked them at first, but then all their friends and their favorite beauty influencers started getting rid of theirs. In this case, you are welcome to have your fillers dissolved if that is what you want. Because fillers only last about 12 months, it is just as easy to wait for them to dissolve on their own. Once your fillers are fully dissolved, you can embrace a natural look!

However, if it has been over a year and your lips look the same, then you may want to consider having them dissolved. Sometimes lip filler can build up in repeat patients and continue to create volume, even after you have changed your mind. 

Option 3: Add More Filler

This option also only works for certain cases. If your filler migrated to cause large, uneven lumps then adding more filler is not a good idea. However, maybe your filler caused one lip or one side of the lips to appear uneven, but not oversized. If you like the size of the treated areas of the lips, one option is to get more filler to make your lips look even. This option comes with the risk of the lips becoming too large, but if you want a more dramatic and symmetrical look, it may be right for you. 

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    How do I know which option is right for me?

    The best way to determine this is to schedule a consultation at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Once Dr. Qazi examines your lips, he can give you a recommendation based on which option is safest for you. If your lip fillers are causing you any pain or health risks, Dr. Qazi will recommend dissolving lip filler lumps immediately.

    Why Dr. Qazi Recommends Dissolving Lip Filler Lumps

    Of the 3 options above for how to handle lip filler lumps, Dr.. Qazi usually recommends that patients have their fillers dissolved. While waiting it out or adding more filler may work for some patients, it is more beneficial to have the fillers dissolved. Here’s why:

    1. No one should have to live with a look they don’t like. Even if you are okay with waiting it out, are you really going to be happy with lip fillers that you don’t like? Our confidence in ourselves is strongly based on appearance and how happy we are with how we look. Something as small as unwanted lip fillers will change how confidently you move about the world, and can ruin otherwise great experiences. 
    1. Dissolving lip filler lumps lets you start from scratch. While adding more lip filler is an option if the lips are uneven but correctly sized, this method does not always produce the best look. It is best to start from scratch on your lip fillers. This allows Dr. Qazi to strategically inject your new fillers in such a way that gives you natural, appropriately-sized lips on the first try. Adding more filler to existing injections comes with the risk that your lips won’t be as natural-looking or that they may end up being too large. 
    1. Dissolving lip filler is the best way to stop filler migration in its tracks. No one wants their lips to change shape in the days after their injections. Even if you are okay with one lip looking slightly bigger than the other, more migration can still occur. Your lips can end up looking severely uneven, at this point, dissolving the fillers is the best way to stop filler migration immediately.

    What To Expect When You Have Your Fillers Dissolved

    When you decide that it is time to dissolve lip fillers, the process is fairly fast. An injection of Hyaluronidase works by breaking the bonds in the hyaluronic acid, allowing the body to absorb it more quickly. When you have your fillers dissolved at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, you can expect the appointment to last about 30 minutes. The dissolving injection only takes a few seconds; it will feel like a sharp pinch, and then it will not hurt anymore. 

    The fillers will begin dissolving immediately after the injection. The process will be completely done within 24 to 48 hours. You can expect to feel some heat in the lips, sensations of tightness, slight soreness, and light bruising at the injection site. All this will go away within 1 to 2 days. 

    Please note: if you have an allergy to bee stings, let Dr. Qazi know immediately. The hyaluronidase enzyme is also present in bee venom, so patients with a bee sting allergy may have an allergic reaction to Hyaluronidase. If you have concerns about having an allergic reaction, Dr. Qazi may perform a patch check to see if you are allergic to Hyaluronidase as well. If the patch test reveals that you are allergic, then Dr. Qazi will find another solution to help you get the results that you want out of your lip fillers. 

    Learn More About When To Dissolve Lip Fillers

    If you have concerns about your lip injections, contact Qazi Cosmetic Clinic today. Our team can help you assess your best option for treating or reshaping your fillers. If you want to dissolve your filler lumps, Dr. Qazi can help!

    By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

    Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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