5 Reasons to Try Jaw Slimming With Botox

Facial slimming jawline botox treatment being performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

As Khloé Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Hayley Vernon could tell you, having a V-shaped face is in! Everywhere you look celebrities, influencers, and models are embracing this facial trend and utilizing the best cosmetic procedures to get this new look. 

How do celebrities do it? The secret is jaw slimming with Botox.

What is Jaw Slimming With Botox?

This is a highly effective treatment that uses botox to contour your face to a V-shape for a more graceful, feminine jawline. Botox for the jawline is also a popular and fast-acting treatment for TMJ pain. 

Why Should I Try Botox for Jaw Slimming? 

1. Masseter Botox has the power to transform your face for a natural-looking, more feminine jawline. This procedure can make every angle your best angle and it is non-surgical and practically painless. 

2. If you have TMJ pain or chronically grind your teeth, Botox injections to the jawline can help! Botox is a clinically proven treatment for jaw pain and can save you money in dental bills down the line. 

3. Botox is also a great treatment for unwanted jowls. By tightening and lifting that area, this procedure can take years off your face and reduce signs of premature aging brought on by smoking. 

4. Botox is an ideal cosmetic treatment because it is a relatively fast procedure that is not permanent. This means that if you are unhappy with your new face shape, it won’t be necessary to have any implants removed or procedures reversed; Botox will wear off in a few months time. 

5. The procedure is also extremely safe and negative side effects are rare. Unlike other cosmetic procedures where there are horror stories of procedures that were botched, jaw slimming with botox is highly unlikely to have adverse effects. 

What is Botox and How Does it Work?

Botox is the name for Botulinum Toxin A, which is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox is a cosmetic injectable that is highly effective at smoothing lines and wrinkles to fight signs of aging. It works by blocking certain nerves in order to weaken or paralyze a targeted muscle. 

There are a variety of uses for Botox, in addition to using it to smooth crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines: 

  •  Neck rejuvenation, in which Botox or a similar product is injected into the neck to reduce signs of aging in the neck. Dr. Qazi offers this service in order to help you maintain your youthful glow.
  • Treating Hyperhidrosis – a condition characterized by excessive sweating. Injecting Botox into the armpits, palms, soles, or scalp can reduce excessive sweating and improve comfort. 
  • Treating migraines. Botox is proven to reduce migraines and, as an added benefit, the injection sites are similar to spots that reduce wrinkles. This means you can get the benefits of freedom from migraines and fewer wrinkles. 

Jaw Slimming with Botox in Orange County, CA

Botox used for jaw slimming is also called masseter Botox because the procedure involves injecting Botox into the masseter muscle in the jaw.

Jaw slimming and TMJ treatment with Botox are extremely popular procedures here in Orange County as well as all over the world. Beauty and fashion magazines and websites have been raving about the dual aesthetic and pain management uses for Botox.

According to a recent article from Aedit, Botox for the jaw is on the rise because people are living increasingly stressful lives, and this stress manifests in the jaw as grinding and clenching. 

Botox slims the jawline by relaxing your muscles; when muscles are relaxed, they shrink in size, making your jawline more graceful and more feminine.

Changes in face shape over time are often due to the overworking of the masseter muscle; stress can cause people to grind and clench their teeth, resulting in the masseter muscle growing in size and making your face look wider.

By relaxing the masseter muscle, Botox also weakens it. By weakening the muscle, it can’t grind and clench as hard, so less damage is done to the mouth and teeth by involuntary grinding. When teeth grinding and jaw clenching is stopped, the result is reduced jaw pain. 

Whether you want relief from your jaw pain or you want to achieve your aesthetic goals with a dainty jawline and V-shaped face – or both – Dr. Qazi at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Orange County, CA can help! Dr. Qazi specializes in a variety of Botox-related procedures and is an expert at giving you natural-looking results in a short, comfortable session. 

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    What Will My Masseter Botox Treatment Be Like? 

    Before the procedure, Dr. Qazi recommends avoiding alcohol and blood thinning medications. In addition to other side effects of alcohol, it will also thin your blood. Having thinner blood for the procedure increases your likelihood of experiencing extra bruising. If you have a rash, blemish, or sore in the area where the Botox will be injected, it is best that you reschedule the appointment. 

    Additionally, if you have a vacation or big event planned, make sure to schedule your Botox appointment at least 2 weeks before it. It takes a little time for the results to show and you will want to look your best for your big event. 

    During the procedure. First, Dr. Qazi will clean your skin and mark the location of the injection sites with a skin-safe marker. By marking the injection locations, Dr. Qazi isolates the masseter muscle in order to avoid negative results if Botox gets into other facial muscles. The particular locations of your injections are carefully customized for your goals and the shape of your face in order to achieve the best results. 

    Once you are ready, Dr. Qazi will inject the Botox into the predetermined spots. Typically, most people require between 15 and 50 units on each side; the average is around 25 units to achieve the desired results.

    If you are afraid of needles, please let Dr. Qazi know ahead of time so he can do his best to keep you calm and comfortable during the procedure. Botox uses very small needles, so there is very little pain. Most patients report that their procedure hurt less than their annual flu shot. 

    Immediately after injecting, Dr. Qazi will apply pressure to the injection sides and check in with you to ensure that you are not experiencing any pain or anxiety. 

    24 hours after treatment. After the treatment, you may experience temporary soreness, redness, and bruising. These will go away on their own fairly quickly, but if the bruising persists, please notify Qazi Cosmetic Clinic of the side effects right away. 

    It is recommended that you do not manipulate, pinch, or lay on the injection area for at least a day after the procedure. Additionally, you should avoid strenuous activity for at least 6 hours after the procedure. Because Botox is non-invasive and non-surgical, there is no recovery time. You will be able to drive yourself home from the appointment and return to work right away. 

     14 days after the procedure. It typically takes between 4 and 7 days for the results of the procedure to show. Within 14 days, the results should have fully appeared. If you are not satisfied with your results after 14 days, please contact Dr. Qazi. Some patients require multiple injections to see the effect they want. 

    6 months after the procedure. Botox is not permanent and only lasts 4-6 months. If you like your new look and want continued relief from TMJ pain, then you can schedule a second appointment after 6 months. 

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      The Aesthetic Benefits of Masseter Botox 

      Jaw slimming with Botox is an ideal cosmetic procedure because it is quick, safe, and the results look natural. In an article for Elle, host, producer, and reporter Kirbie Johnson opened up about her experience getting Botox to slim her jaws and reduce her jaw pain. She highlighted how the procedure is great for people who work stressful jobs and are in front of cameras all day long. 

      If you want to contour your face to achieve a feminine V-shape, then masseter Botox is the procedure for you. While there are many facial procedures that can achieve the same look, Botox is unique because it is non-surgical, painless, has no recovery time, and is very low risk. If you don’t like the results, they will go away on their own. If you do like the results and enjoy your new looks, then easy follow up appointments are required to maintain your new face shape. 

      If you have questions about jaw slimming with Botox, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Qazi. He will answer all your questions about Botox and other non-surgical procedures to contour and enhance your features.  

      The Medical Benefits of Masseter Botox 

      We live in a stressful world, so TMJ pain and teeth grinding are becoming more and more common. Whether it is stress from work, life, or school, it often manifests in the jaw. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, which connects your jawbone to your skull and acts like a sliding hinge to open and close the mouth. TMJ disorders cause pain to this joint and can make it difficult to control jaw movement. 

      TMJ disorder symptoms include jaw pain, headaches, tightness, difficulty chewing, clicking or grinding when opening or closing the mouth, and damage to teeth from grinding. 

      Other treatments for TMJ disorders include taking pain killers, using a mouth guard at night, icing the painful area, and stress management. However, these treatments are temporary and require repeated attention. If you want a longer term solution for TMJ pain, then masseter Botox may be right for you. 

      It is important to address jaw pain early in order to avoid unnecessary pain. By catching it early, you can also prevent damage to your teeth that may result in a lengthy dentist bill to repair the damage down the line.

      Damage to your teeth can also negatively affect your appearance. According to Dr. Victoria Veytsman, DDS, “teeth shorten in length over time, with grinding giving a more aged appearance to the smile and entire face. Shorter teeth mean a reduced lower third of the face proportionately and gives the illusion of an aging face much faster.” 

      This is why Botox is a great solution to both reduce your TMJ pain, protect your teeth from grinding, and revitalize your appearance with a younger, slimmer looking face. 

      Frequently Asked Questions About Masseter Botox

      What are the side effects? 

      Possible side effects include blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness, and swelling in the jaw. However, these side effects are very rare. The most common side effect is discomfort in the first 24 hours after the procedure. This is nothing to worry about; it is similar to the soreness that you experience in the arm after a flu shot. If you have concerns, please contact Dr. Qazi immediately.  

      How long does Botox last? 

      Botox lasts between 4 and 6 months with the results appearing about 2 weeks after the treatment. This means that follow up appointments are needed to maintain the face shape. However, one of the benefits of Botox is that it isn’t permanent; this allows the results to look more natural and makes it easy for you to go back to your previous look if you change your mind. Botox naturally wears off in the body, so if you decide that this isn’t the procedure for you, all you have to do is wait until the results wear off. 

      Is Botox FDA approved? 

      Botox itself is FDA approved to treat crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines. Other uses for Botox, like jaw-slimming, are considered off-label uses for the product. Don’t be alarmed by the term ‘off-label,” It is actually both legal and very common for products to be utilized for off-label use. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has reported that 1 in 5 prescriptions written today are for off-label use. 

      Botox is extremely safe and effective for a variety of procedures. There are currently studies to identify if there are any long-term side effects related to masseter Botox; however, patients overwhelmingly report that the procedure has helped them. 

      Photo of a botox or minitox container at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

      Book Your Appointment Today 

      If you want to try jaw slimming with botox or to find relief from your jaw pain, Dr. Qazi can help! Please contact Qazi Cosmetic Clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Qazi today!

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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