5 Reasons Why MICROLIPO Is Better Than Kybella for Double Chin

What’s the newest, latest, and greatest minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for treating your double chin? At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and Med Spa, we have trademarked our procedure as MICROLIPO™.

This is actually an innovative mini-liposuction treatment with neck skin tightening that is excellent for the chin area––and a great alternative to Kybella® for double chin… or even a triple chin. 

While liposuction is widely used by cosmetic surgeons around the world to reduce and remove stubborn fats from your neck, chin, cheeks, stomachs and other parts of your body, mini-liposuction is an overall better procedure.

What Is MICROLIPO Procedure?

As a form of neck liposuction with smaller, more precise surgical instruments, MICROLIPO treats your face’s most sensitive areas from both the outside and the inside:

  • First, MICROLIPO removes fat from your double chin by breaking the fat apart and suctioning it out.
  • Next, a tiny probe––a medical-grade Smartlipo laser that creates a light beam––is inserted to melt away fat cells from the inside and tighten the skin around your double chin. The Smartlipo laser technology is powerful enough to focus on fat cells, rupture them, and melt away the fat instantly, without traumatizing blood vessels and soft tissues.
  • There is only one insertion point, so downtime is minimal, and you can return to your active life after just a few days.

What Are The Five Reasons Why It Is Actually Better Than Kybella?

1. It’s a one-time treatment  Kybella takes many sessions to get a fraction of the results of a MICROLIPO treatment. 

2. It provides instant results – After your one tightening procedure, your neck area will be evidently tighter and your double chin will be gone. We love to take “before” and “after” photos to show our patients and those interested in new procedures the dramatic results.

3. It’s a better value for the price – One session of MICROLIPO will be less than all the combined sessions for Kybella for double chin and with a superior result.

4. It’s a neck skin tightening treatment that is immediate and permanent – Kybella uses an acid to burn fat, turning one problem (a double chin) into another problem (loose skin). But the MICROLIPO procedure is better than the popular Kybella.

5. This MICROLIPO hybrid treatment for neck liposuction offers a combination of both fat burning and skin tightening, so all of your neck/double chin concerns are taken care of at once. 

It’s safe for any age and skin type – If you’re a young patient, age 18 or older, you can define your lower face and get rid of your stubborn double chin. Or if you’re an older patient who may have more sagging and some fat, you can benefit from instant skin tightening. 

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    How Can MICROLIPO Help Define Your Chin and Jawline?

    First, a MICROLIPO procedure by Dr. Nadir Qazi begins to define your chin by removing excess or unwanted fat that is causing your double chin. Think of it as a mini-chin lift or mini-neck lift, but it suctions out fat in your chin without requiring either surgery and general anesthesia.

    Second, he inserts a special, medical-grade ultrasound laser light that melts away small fatty cells to reshape and create a firmer jawline. The laser also heats collagen and elastin proteins in your chin area, causing them to contract and tighten your skin.

    And third, he can enhance the contour of your face after MICROLIPO with jawline dermal fillers, if necessary, to further shape your chin and mid-jaw as discussed in your initial consultation. Most patients see immediate, significant results and can’t believe that this was not a surgical procedure.

    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Because a laser is being injected into your chin for neck liposuction: 

    • It is common for your skin to bruise and some swelling may occur over the first three days after this alternative procedure for neck skin tightening. 
    • However, after ice packs are applied, any bruising, redness, or swelling, will dissipate after a few days. 
    • Skin discoloration, scarring, and numbness are rare, but may also happen.
    Before and after results from a microlipo procedure performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

    What Are The Results for a MICROLIPO Procedure?

    Like most minimally invasive facial procedures at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and Med Spa, you will most likely notice instant results with a MICROLIPO treatment in our Irvine, California offices vs. a series of Kybella for double chin procedures.

    Dr. Qazi will tell you to expect optimal results after two to three months as healthy collagen forms to firm and further define your chin area. 

    Because you can return to your normal activities in a day or two after your procedure, that’s another reason why it’s better than Kybella.

    Plus, though you have had the fat cells removed from your chin, we recommend that you maintain a healthy diet and perform regular exercises to be able to enjoy your results over time.

    What Is The Cost For MICROLIPO?

    As stated above in the “Five Reasons…”, one MICROLIPO session is less costly and provides a superior result when compared to Kybella, which typically necessitates one to two vials of this FDA-approved injectable, and perhaps one to several sessions. 

    Of course, Dr. Qazi will provide you with an estimated cost when you meet with him at the Qazi Cosmetic Clinic for your initial double chin consultation.

    Aftercare Instructions for A MicroLipo Neck Liposuction Procedure

    After this non-surgical procedure alternative to neck skin tightening, Dr. Nadir Qazi tells his patients that you may notice a little bruising, some swelling, and perhaps some tenderness where the laser liposuction was performed into your chin area, when compared to Kybella for double chin that may create more swelling.

    Please note that all of these issues are common and should resolve themselves over the next few days to a week. As noted above, many patients experience relief by holding a lightweight cold compress or ice wrapped in a towel to their chins and upper neck areas to help reduce any swelling.

    Dr. Qazi does not recommend that you exercise vigorously after getting MICROLIPO over the first 24 to 48 hours after this procedure is performed in our offices.

    You should additionally avoid sun and heat, especially massages, tanning beds, and extreme cold, which may all negatively affect your results.

    Finally, Dr. Qazi recommends that you do not book any important social events for three to at least six days after your MICROLIPO procedure because of the minor swelling that can occur. In addition, you should avoid taking blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) because they may potentially increase bleeding.

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      What Are Other Possible Procedures for MICROLIPO?

      Currently, Dr. Nadir Qazi is providing MICROLIPO procedures for people 18 years and older who have developed double chins. 

      But in the future, he will be offering this breakthrough laser liposuction procedure that is better than Kybella for other stubborn areas of your body that may accumulate fat. These include: 

      • “Love handles” on your hips 
      • “Banana rolls” that look like saggy glutes under your buttocks
      • Your thighs, abdomen, and back to remove unwanted fatty areas
      • Your lips to improve definition
      • Your face where you may have excess fatty tissue under the skin
      • Your neck to sculpt a firmer, more even, and proportionate neckline

      Furthermore, if you discuss your cosmetic preferences with Dr. Qazi, he is proud to offer a discounted rate when you purchase multiple treatment sessions together, so the more treatments that you purchase ahead of time, the greater the discount you can receive.

      What Causes Double Chins?

      According to MedicalNewsToday.com, double chins are quite common and are caused by a variety of factors. 

      One is age, as your chin and neck skin begin to lose their elasticity, which can lead to extra or sagging skins appearing.

      Another is your diet and your weight. Eating a high calorie diet, too many processed foods, and too much fat can cause weight gain, and that weight gain can show up in your chin.

      A third cause, unfortunately, is genetics. If your family has a history of double chins or skin with too little elasticity, you might be a candidate for this problem.

      And a fourth cause of double chins is poor posture. Slumping posture tends to weaken your neck and chin muscles, which may contribute to atrophied muscles when they are not being used.

      You Keep Mentioning Kybella. What Is That?

      Kybella is an FDA-approved, prescription medication by Allergan™ that is called “the first and only injectable double chin treatment” for moderate to severe fat. without the need for invasive surgery for neck skin tightening. In fact, Kybella for double chin:

      • Is an ideal treatment for both men and women over 18 who desire a non-surgical option to remove their unwanted fat that causes a double chin.
      • Is comprised of an active ingredient, which is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid; this is a naturally produced chemical in your body that aids in breaking down and absorbing fats. 
      • Will destroy fat cells, once injected, and can result in less fullness under your chin and jawline. 
      • Once these fats are destroyed, those cells can no longer accumulate fat, so further treatment is not expected or necessary, once you reach your desired aesthetic goal.
      • Can require multiple sessions, perhaps up to six if you have more fullness in your double chin, spaced out at least four weeks apart instead of having a neck liposuction.
      • Will have about a couple weeks of downtime while your chin first swells up as the fat is breaking down with the injectable Kybella solution. 

      Can Men and Women Benefit from MICROLIPO?

      Definitely! We recommend this non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure as an option to treat stubborn chins and jawline fat for both men and women. That’s why Dr. Qazi believes MICROLIPO is better than Kybella.

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        Book Your Appointment Today

        If you’re tired of looking at your double chin every time you take a selfie, or you would like more information about why MICROLIPO neck liposuction is better than Kybella, please contact our office here to schedule your initial consultation.

        By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

        Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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