Man Boob Reduction – Get Rid of Them Without Surgery

When did “man boobs” become a thing? Most people trace it back to about 20 years ago and the beginning of social media. But if you were ever ashamed or embarrassed by your oversized pectoral muscles in the locker room, at the swimming pool, or at the beach, you may be thinking about a man boob reduction. Because of that, did you know that you can get rid of man boobs without surgery?

The stigma for this condition can last for years, even decades. Some men are so self-conscious and mortified that they refuse to remove their shirts in public, wear larger or extra layers of clothes, or gain more weight to hide their problem.

man boob reduction

What Are Man Boobs?

Clinically known as “gynecomastia”, “man boobs” are pretty much what they sounds like –– male breast tissues that are swollen or larger than normal so that they resemble women’s breasts.

Whether you’re a teenager, in your 20s, or older, the good news is that this medical condition that affects an estimated 30% of men according to Men’s Health, usually resolves itself over time once your puberty hormone levels adjust and even out, and as you start producing more testosterone.

Another reason they form is that some men just have an excess of fat on their chest.

If your body keeps growing and your breasts keep getting larger, it’s time to consider a cosmetic procedure to stop this problem from getting worse, eliminate it entirely, and restore your self-confidence.

Nicknames for “Man Boobs”: None Are Complimentary.

There are various negative monikers for this condition that include moobs, man breasts, man titties, boy boobs, male boobies, and others that are too unkind to mention. 

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    Male Breast Reduction Surgery Is One Option.

    According to The Aesthetic Society, the estimated number of men who request gynecomastia –– or surgery for enlarged male breasts –– is 40% or more as one option for man boob reduction.

    This type of surgery is generally safe and can offer great results –– if you maintain a healthy weight and avoid certain medications or steroids. It also requires general or local anesthesia, a hospital or surgery facility, your surgeon’s fee, medical tests, prescription medications, and has a recovery period of several days to a week or more, depending on your particular situation. There can also be some scarring around your areolas. The cost varies, but the average fee is around $4,100.

    A Cosmetic Procedure Can Get Rid of Man Boobs Without Surgery.

    However, a simple liposuction cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Nadir Qazi of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Newport Beach, California, has proven to be effective for removing small areas of fat and achieving a smoother contour –– without the cost or need of traditional surgery.

    This procedure, which we call MicroLipo™ with Renuvion® J Plasma is: 

    • An Innovative and minimally invasive treatment
    • A breakthrough alternative to more invasive liposuction
    • A quicker way to remove stubborn fat, especially man boobs, without traditional surgery, large scars, or extended downtime
    • Is able to tighten loose skin
    • Is providing long-lasting results

    Who Is A Good Candidate For Man Boob MicroLipo?

    Most male patients of any age and skin tone can benefit from a MicroLipo Man Boob procedure to:

    • Remove large or stubborn fat, AKA man boobs
    • Smooth loose skin
    • Contour your pectorals 
    • Add greater definition under your eyes and cheeks

    We recommend an initial consultation with an expert like Dr. Qazi to determine if MicroLipo for your condition is the best treatment for you.

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      Will This Treatment for Man Boob Reduction Be Painful?

      No, it’s not. Dr. Qazi will first inject you with a topical medical-grade numbing medication into the area requiring reduction, followed by the MicroLipo procedure. The numbing agent improves the comfort of the injection by reducing your sensitivity to the pain.

      How Many Treatments Will I Need?

      The number of treatments is always in direct correlation to the size of your problem and your aesthetic goals. Again, Dr. Qazi will discuss this and answer any questions during your initial consultation to get rid of man boobs without surgery.

      What Precautions Should You Take on Treatment Day?

      For optimal results, we recommend that you avoid blood thinners and medications, such as aspirin and Plavix, which may increase bleeding at the incisions for MicroLipo. You should avoid drinking any alcohol for a day or two before your procedure. But if you have any specific concerns, please discuss them with Dr. Qazi during your pre-treatment consultation.

      Are There Any Side Effects After The Procedure?

      Side effects are rare for this procedure where a laser is injected into your breasts, but it is common for some of the following temporary reactions:

      • Bruising, redness and some swelling may occur over the first 2 to 4 weeks;

            but after ice packs are applied, these typically dissipate over a few days

      • Scarring, skin discoloration, and numbness are rare, but also may occur.

      What Are The Results? 

      Typically after a MicroLipo treatment, you will most likely notice instant results. 

      However, Dr. Qazi will explain that you should expect optimal results after 3 to 6 months as healthy collagen forms to firm and further define your breast areas.

      What is the Cost for a Man Boob Reduction?

      The estimated cost for any non-invasive cosmetic procedure like how to get rid of man boobs without surgery is always discussed at your initial Qazi Cosmetic Clinic consultation.

      However, one MicroLipo session is less costly and provides a superior result compared to receiving several vials of Kybella, an FDA-approved injectable for moderate to severe fat, which can also require multiple sessions to achieve your cosmetic goals.

      The cost is also far less and results can be seen much quicker than traditional male breast reduction surgery.

      Male Breast

      What Are Aftercare Instructions for a Reduction of Man Boobs?

      Dr. Qazi takes the time to meet with every patient to discuss treatment options –– before, during, and especially after your procedure.

      For this particular procedure, it is typical to notice a bit of bruising, some swelling, and perhaps some tenderness where the liposuction was performed on your breasts. 

      Please note that any post-injection issues listed below are common and should resolve themselves within the next few days or up to a week or longer. Many of our patients have found relief by holding a lightweight cold compress or ice wrapped in a towel to their breasts to help reduce their swelling. 

      What to avoid after getting a man boob reduction:

      • We recommend that you do not engage in vigorous physical activity for 24 to 48 hours after this procedure in our offices.
      • We also want you to avoid sun and heat, such as massages, tanning beds, and extreme cold, which can all negatively affect your results.
      • Finally, you should avoid booking any important social events for 3 to 6 days after your MicroLipo procedure because of minor swelling and skin tenderness.
      • And you should avoid taking blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) that may potentially increase bleeding.

      Follow-up appointments:

      • Dr. Qazi will review the results of your MicroLipo procedure 2 to 4 weeks after your appointment.

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        What Other Treatments Are Similar?

        Besides MicroLipo for man boobs, Dr. Qazi also offers:

        • Neck Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening
        • Abdomen Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening
        • 360 Full Body Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening
        • Arm and Legs Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion Skin Tightening

        Book Your Appointment Today for a Man Boob Reduction.

        To learn more about how to get rid of man boobs without surgery, please contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.

        Meet Dr. Nadir Qazi

        While growing up in Chicago, I struggled for years with severe acne and scarring. Dealing with constant comments about my skin, especially from friends and family, wasn’t easy. That feeling of isolation and defeat hit me hard. Many around me were in the same position, yet there were very limited solutions available. This led me to determine my mission: to tirelessly build a unique medical practice where compassion meets science, providing proper care for every overlooked skin type and tone. At my Center, my team and I offer only clinically proven treatments that I have personally researched. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams, breaking free from the constraints of their physical appearance, and to be the support I needed the most.

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