Meet Dr. Nadir Qazi, DO of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic

Hi Dr. Qazi, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
I grew up with a love for sculpture art. As I studied the craft, I became obsessed with creating the perfect rendition of the human body. The more I studied, the more I noticed all the things that could be wrong with human development. I delved into pathology to understand it better and along the way, I discovered medicine as a field where I could use my skills and talents as an artist and make an important impact on people’s lives at the same time. Cosmetic dermatology is a perfect fit for my skills, talents, and my love of sculpture art. It has allowed me to use my passion for art to pivot from sculpting clay to sculpting faces, necks, and bodies to remove the barriers to seeing our own natural beauty when we look in the mirror.

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