Natural Looking Breast Augmentation – 5 Tips for Top Results

Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

Natural looking breast augmentation is now the most requested cosmetic procedure at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Large, statement-piece implants are so 90s. Now, women want results with a natural look and feel that fit their figure. 

What is the Best Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Procedure?

There are several ways to get natural looking results with breast augmentation. The most natural way to enlarge the breasts is with a fat transfer procedure. This takes fat from a donor area and grafts it onto the breasts. When it comes to implants, patients can get natural looking results by choosing a teardrop shaped implant rather than a circular implant. Submuscular breast implant placement can also give the breasts a more natural look. The size of the breasts must match the patient’s build and proportions to look as natural as possible.

Believe it or not, it is possible to get the kind of results where it doesn’t look like you had a procedure. Friends and family will never guess that you had breast augmentation! Here’s how to get natural looking breasts with your breast augmentation procedure.

What is the Most Natural Procedure for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is an umbrella term that describes any procedure that enlarges the breast. Within this category, there are 2 types of breast augmentation procedure: a fat transfer and breast implants.

A fat transfer is hands-down the most natural way to enlarge the breasts. The procedure goes like this:

  1. While the patient is under general anesthesia, the surgeon uses a cannula to remove extra fat cells from the donor area. The most common donor areas are the abdomen, thighs, waist, and back.
  2. The fat cells are purified. This process removes any extra blood, fluid, and extra tissue from the collection of fat cells. 
  3. The fat cells are then injected into the breasts.
  4. It takes time for the new fat cells to be completely absorbed. Only 25% to 50% of the grafted fat cells are completely absorbed, so surgeons normally overinject by as much as 20%.
  5. Patients are fully recovered after the procedure in about 6 weeks. It can take up to a year for the results to be final.

While fat transfers are the most natural way to add volume to the body, they are not perfect. The procedure is not recommended for naturally thin patients. Because the procedure uses the body’s own materials, you must have extra fat stores on another area of your body. Additionally, fat transfers are not nearly as precise as breast implants. Whereas implants can be completely customized, the results of a fat transfer are less reliable. The rate of fat absorption is unpredictable. Patients may require a second procedure to get their desired size and fullness.

When it comes to fat transfer vs breast implants, it really comes down to your goals. Some patients are okay with the variability because they want their procedure to be as natural as possible. Other patients want the guaranteed results of implants. If you have questions about either procedure, please schedule a consultation at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic.

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    How to Get Natural Looking Results with Breast Augmentation

    When you think about breast augmentation, the image that comes to mind may be w`omen with large, protruding breasts. You may cringe at the thought of having two oversize cantaloupes on your chest. It’s no secret that the standard practice for breast augmentation used to be “go big or go home.” However, breast augmentation has come a long way since the DD cup days.

    Now, women want their implants to balance and accessorize their figure, not overpower it. Patients who get breast augmentation go for fit rather than size. Women want to be proportional, feminine, and still look like themselves. The breast augmentation natural look is in! 

    There are 5 ways to get the most natural looking breast augmentation results. 

    1. Choose the best type of implant for a natural look and feel.
    2. Get an implant that mimics the shape of the breast.
    3. Consider a submuscular breast implant placement.
    4. Choose the right size of implant for your figure.
    5. Avoid scars with the right placement method.
    Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

    Silicone vs. Saline: What is the Best Implant for Natural Look and Feel?

    Both silicone and saline implants are safe, FDA approved, and highly recommended by plastic surgeons. Silicone implants are made with a silicone shell and filled with a silicone gel. Saline implants also have a silicone shell, but they are filled with a saline solution. 

    Silicone implants are considered the gold standard for natural looking results. The texture of the silicone gel mimics the texture of breast tissue. Silicone implants also hold their shape better than saline implants. It is possible for saline implants to warp under the skin, causing visible wrinkles, uneven breast shape, and for the implant to be visible through the skin. Silicone implants do not warp and do not normally become visible through the skin. 

    What is the Best Implant for Maintaining a Natural Breast Shape?

    One of the biggest fears among patients is that their implants will end up looking like two big globes on their chest. It is common to look at the circular silicone and saline implants, and be unable to picture how they could look natural in your body. 

    Don’t worry! You have so many choices when it comes to your implants. The standard silicone and saline implants are circular and can be filled to varying sizes. One benefit of circular implants is that they can safely rotate in place without being seen. However, it is possible for the standard round implants to look inauthentic. 

    This is why Qazi Cosmetic Clinic also offers gummy bear implants. This is a type of silicone implant that is made with cohesive silicone gel. Gummy bear implants are one of the safest options if you are worried about ruptures. This type of implant is also shaped like a teardrop. They mimic how the breasts normally droop and how most women have less volume at the tops of their breasts. Gummy bear implants are your best option if you want your new breasts to have a natural looking shape

    The only trade off with gummy bear implants is the possibility that they may rotate in place. For circular implants, rotation is no big deal. However, if a teardrop-shaped implant rotates, your breasts are going to look a little unnatural for a bit. The good news is that gummy bear implants have textured shells that grip the surrounding tissue. This is usually enough to keep them in place. Although implant rotation is rare, it can be possible with gummy bear implants. 

    Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

    What is the Best Placement for a Breast Augmentation Natural Look?

    When you get breast augmentation, you get 2 options for the placement of the implant. Subglandular placement is when the implant is placed below the mammary glands but above the chest muscle. Submuscular placement is when the implant is placed below both the mammary glands and the chest muscles. In general, submuscular implants look more natural than subglandular implants. However, there are other factors that may lead a patient to want over-the-muscle implants. 

    Benefits of Submuscular Breast Implant Placement

    • The layer of muscle helps smooth the transition from the chest to the breast. This makes the implant look more natural and more organic.
    • Patients who get submuscular implants have lower rates of capsular contracture. This is a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant and puts pressure on it, causing discomfort and for the breasts to become misshapen.
    • Submuscular implants are recommended for women who don’t have as much natural breast tissue. The additional layer of the muscle can help the implant maximize their own breast tissue while smoothing out the shape of the implant.
    • Saline implants can sometimes morph or wrinkle under the skin and be visible by others. When a saline implant is placed under the muscle, the extra layer of tissue prevents the wrinkling from being visible through the skin.

    Benefits of Subglandular Breast Implants

    Submuscular breast implants are the best for natural looking breast augmentation. However, subglandular implants have a few advantages over them:

    • Subglandular implants have a slightly lower rupture rate than submuscular implants. This is due to the increased pressure on the implant from physical activity. Patients who are physically active and frequently exercise their chest muscles may want to consider a subglandular implant instead.
    • The procedure for placing a submuscular implant is far more involved because the surgeon must cut through the muscle. The recovery time is also longer and patients report more discomfort. 
    • Subglandular implants can more easily be placed with a variety of scar-free methods. For example, they can be placed with an incision in the belly button, armpit, or nipple. These methods are desirable because they hide and disguise the scar. Without a visible scar, the results of breast augmentation look more organic. 

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      What is the Best Size for Natural Looking Breast Augmentation?

      One of the biggest factors in how natural your results will look is what size you pick. If you’re old enough to remember the 90s, you’ve probably seen a lot of large implants that don’t look very good. Many of those women could have had much more believable results if only they hadn’t gotten DD cups. The key to having a natural looking figure is to match your implants to your height, weight, and build. 

      There is no exact formula for picking your ideal breast size, but there are a few factors that you should consider:

      • How tall are you? The same size implant can look huge on a petite woman and be unnoticeable on a taller woman.
      • Do you have wide hips? If so, you can go bigger on your implants and still look organic. Most women get implants to balance their figure so their chest proportions match their hip proportions. 
      • What size bra do women in your family wear? For some women, their sisters, mom, or aunts might wear a bigger bra size than them while having a similar build. This can be a starting point to figure out what size would look good on you.
      • Do you want to replace your entire closet? For some women, the post-recovery shopping spree is the best part. For others, they want a little bit more fill but don’t want to buy all new tops. In that case, Dr. Qazi and his team of plastic surgeons may recommend a mini boob job instead of the standard procedure. 

      The best way to figure out the right size for your frame is to schedule a consultation at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Nadir Qazi can show you before and after photos of women who have the same build as you. He can also make a recommendation based on your goals, body shape, and lifestyle. Dr. Qazi encourages patients to bring “wish pics” (photos of how they want their results to look) to help him and his plastic surgeons best understand their aesthetic goals.

      How Can I Avoid Visible Scars for a Breast Augmentation Natural Look?

      If your goal is for no one to know that you had a procedure, you need to avoid having visible scars. No matter how natural your results look, a little white line under a breast can completely destroy the illusion. The good news is that there are many ways to disguise and hide incisions for breast implants.

      There are 4 different ways that breast implants can be inserted:

      1. Transumbilical (Though the Belly Button) – This method leaves you with no visible scars. The surgeon makes an incision in the belly button, inserts your implants, and moves them up to your chest. 
      2. Trans-Axillary (Through the Armpit) – Due to the textured nature of the armpits, it is very easy to hide the incision. No one will ever notice that you have a scar there. 
      3. Periareolar (Through the Nipple)  – While this does involve incisions on the breasts, any scars are well-disguised and practically invisible to others. 
      4. Inframammary (In the Crease of the Breast) – This method is not recommended for natural breast augmentation. It leaves a scar under each breast, which can be visible from certain angles. 

      Transumbilical, trans-axillary, and periareolar are the best insertion methods if you don’t want visible scars. 

      Before and after results from a breast augmentation performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

      Natural Look Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach, CA

      If you want the best natural looking breast augmentation procedure, Qazi Cosmetic Clinic can help! Dr. Qazi and his team of plastic surgeons specialize in natural-looking results for all patients. Learn about your breast augmentation options by scheduling a consultation!

      Meet Dr. Nadir Qazi

      While growing up in Chicago, I struggled for years with severe acne and scarring. Dealing with constant comments about my skin, especially from friends and family, wasn’t easy. That feeling of isolation and defeat hit me hard. Many around me were in the same position, yet there were very limited solutions available. This led me to determine my mission: to tirelessly build a unique medical practice where compassion meets science, providing proper care for every overlooked skin type and tone. At my Center, my team and I offer only clinically proven treatments that I have personally researched. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams, breaking free from the constraints of their physical appearance, and to be the support I needed the most.

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