Neck Tightening Procedures – What is Platysmaplasty?

Dr.Qazi is applying the Neck Tightening Procedure to his patient

As the natural look comes back into style, more and more patients are choosing to get neck tightening procedures to go with their facelifts. Even after the face is treated, the neck can still give away your age. The best anti-aging solution is to bring the face into harmony with the neck by treating a turkey neck early.

What Are the Best Neck Tightening Procedures for Younger Patients?

Both surgical and non-invasive skin tightening procedures are suitable for younger patients. PDO thread lifts are best for patients in their 20s. This non-invasive procedure uses sugar threads to lift loose skin and improve skin texture. Regardless of patient age, neck liposuction is an effective treatment for treating a double chin. The minimally invasive procedure vacuums out fat cells to slim the face, neck, and jawline. Although surgical neck lifts are more popular among older patients, patients in their 20s or 30s may be a suitable candidate. Platysmaplasty surgery tightens loose skin, removes neck fat, treats neck bands, and tightens the neck muscles. 

Historically, cosmetic surgery has been something that people get when they hit their 50s or 60s. However, due to the growing accessibility of cosmetic procedures, looking your best is now possible for patients of all ages, Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or even 70s, the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic is excited to help you love your look. In this article we will discuss all your options for achieving a slimmer, younger-looking neck. 

What is the Best Non-Invasive Neck Tightening Procedure?

Dr. Nadir Qazi specializes in natural-looking, non-invasive procedures. Depending on your exact goals, he may suggest either a PDO thread lift or Botox to rejuvenate your neck.

A PDO thread lift involves Dr. Qazi injecting small sugar threads into your neck with a microneedle. The barbs at the ends of the threads will catch on the sagging tissue in your neck. When Dr. Qazi adjusts the tension and secures the threads, your sagging skin will be lifted back into place. PDO threads also have a secondary function: they promote collagen production in your skin. More collagen means better skin texture over time. 

Botox is a standard tool for improving appearances. It has a long history and is well-proven to be an effective anti-aging solution. Botox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles in the neck by blocking nerve signals. If the muscles in the neck don’t contract, wrinkles on the skin do not form. Botox can be used to both treat existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic also offers Xeomin and Dysport, which are natural alternatives to Botox. These may be an option if you have known allergies to the ingredients in Botox or have built up a tolerance. 

PDO Threads vs. Botox: How Do They Compare?

What They Treat

PDO threads are used to treat skin that sags. If you have loose skin on your neck, minor turkey neck, neck bands, or need light skin tightening, then PDO threads are for you. Botox, on the other hand, is best for treating wrinkles, crepey texture, and neck bands

Which Procedure is More Comfortable?

Since both PDO threads and Botox are non-invasive procedures, they are both quick and comfortable. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic offers numbing cream and pro-nox to help patients feel comfortable during their procedure. With numbing cream the injections feel like pressure or a small pinch. 

Which Procedure Lasts Longer?

PDO threads can last up to 18 months in the skin. Over time, the body will naturally dissolve the threads. When you start to see your results fade, it is time for another appointment. The longevity of Botox depends greatly on the patient. It lasts longer in experienced patients, up to 6 months. New Botox users can expect to get 2-4 months out of their injections.

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    How Can Neck Skin Tightening Procedures Treat Double Chin?

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the cause of your cosmetic concern is your skin or the fat cells underneath. Lack of neck contour can be the result of either fatty deposits on the neck and chin or the outcome on sun damaged skin. Either way, the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Newport Beach can help! If you have questions about achieving your aesthetic goals, just schedule a consultation with us

    In addition to PDO thread lifts and Botox treatments, Dr. Qazi also offers both in-office chin liposuction and non-invasive Kybella. These procedures are designed to destroy fat cells, treat large chins, and slim your side profile.

    What is Kybella and How Does it Tighten My Chin?

    Kybella is one of the best neck tightening procedures because it goes straight to the source and destroys fat cells. This non-invasive treatment is ideal for younger patients whose faces are a little rounder than they would like. 

    Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced in your digestive system. Deoxycholic acid is designed to break down fat cells. In addition to breaking down your lunch, it can also slim your face. For this procedure, Dr. Qazi will inject Kybella into a few different areas of your chin. Numbing cream is offered to keep you comfortable. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes.

    After your injections, you can safely go about the rest of your day. However, it is normal to experience light bruising, swelling, redness, and numbness. This clears up within a few hours or a few days. It is standard for your results to be obvious within 3-6 weeks after the procedure, depending on how fast your body heals.

    Like PDO threads, Botox, and many other non-surgical procedures, Kybella is not usually a one-and-done procedure. Most patients need 1-3 treatments to see their desired chin reduction. Patients with large chins may require up to 6 treatments, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. However, after a few procedures, the results are permanent. Those fat cells are gone for good! (Unless you gain weight, of course).

    Liposuction & Neck Lift Surgeries: Is Chin Lipo a Surgical Procedure?

    Liposuction is a little like the Swiss army knife of cosmetic surgery. It can be used all over the body, including on the face and neck. While it is normal for body lipo to be done in a surgical setting, Dr. Qazi offers MicroLipo to treat smaller cosmetic concerns. For this mini version of liposuction, you will be safe to drive yourself home afterwards. There are no obvious skin disruptions and no lengthy recovery. 

    MicroLipo is the same as standard liposuction, just a little smaller. When you have your neck fat removed at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, here’s what you can expect:

    1. Before you can book anything, you’ll need to have a consultation with Dr. Qazi. In addition to being a stepping stone, consultations are a great way to get to know your practitioner, ask questions, and evaluate the procedure.
    2. If you decide to go with chin lipo, it will be performed in Dr. Qazi’s comfortable Newport Beach office.
    3. When you arrive, you will be given local anesthesia for your chin area.
    4. Once you are completely dumb, Dr. Qazi will make a small incision in your chin to access the underlying neck fat cells. 
    5. Dr. Qazi will then insert a cannula into the incision to remove excess fat cells. The cannula is attached to a medical vacuum device to facilitate the removal of the cells.
    6. Once the desired amount of fat is removed, Dr. Qazi will dress the incisions.
    7. You are safe to drive yourself home after the procedure. It is normal to experience pain, light bruising, and swelling. 
    8. You should be gentle with the incision until it heals, so no saunas, hot tubs, pools, sun exposure, exfoliants, or scrubbing. Liposuction incisions are small enough that they can heal seamlessly. 
    9. The average recovery time is 6 to 10 days. Most patients go back to work the next day or within 1-2 days. Using OTC pain meds and cold compresses can help ease your recovery. 

    Like Kybella, the results from chin lipo are permanent. Unless you gain a ton of weight, your chin will stay sleek and slim. However, unlike Kybella, you only need 1 session of chin lipo to see results.

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      What Are the Best Surgical Neck Skin Tightening Procedures?

      You have many options when it comes to neck tightening procedures. One of those options is a platysmaplasty, which is neck lift surgery. Of course, the surgical route is not for everyone. Many patients, especially younger patients, want the best non-invasive neck tightening procedure. They don’t want to go under the knife or go through a lengthier recovery.

      There are 8 reasons why neck lift surgeries are the best procedure for neck tightening:

      1. The results last so much longer. Whereas Botox wears off in a few months, you can enjoy the results of a neck lift for 10-15 years.
      2. Surgical procedures are able to treat more severe cosmetic concerns as well as a wider range of cosmetic concerns.
      3. A neck lift with liposuction can treat both a double chin and sagging skin in one go.
      4. Surgical procedures are one-and-done. No need for repeat procedures, bi-yearly visits, or touch ups.
      5. Surgical neck lifts can treat everything from neck fat, loose skin on your neck, turkey neck, neck bands, double chin, and crepey skin texture.
      6. Despite the popular belief, a surgical neck lift can be an option for younger patients, as well as older patients. Many young people are skipping the injectables and going straight to surgical procedures. It shows a mindset of investing in beauty rather than responding to aging.
      7. Surgical procedures can be easily combined. You could get a facelift and a neck lift all at the same time. This saves money, time, and streamlines your recovery.
      8. Platysmaplasties are uniquely beneficial for men because the procedure can sculpt a more masculine profile as surgeons remove excess tissue.
      Dr.Qazi is performing neck tightening procedures on his patient

      What Happens During Surgical Neck Tightening Procedures?

      Before the procedure, patients must prepare by adjusting their medications and habits.
      Before the procedure, you should abstain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking blood-thinning medications or supplements for a few weeks. Additionally, you should refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight.

      For the procedure itself, you will be put under with general anesthesia. Then the plastic surgeon will trim away extra skin, remove neck fat, tighten the neck muscles, and stretch the skin taut again. While neck lifts do involve incisions, they are hidden under the chin, behind the ears, and in the hairline. Once you heal, there will be no visible indication that you went under the knife.

      The tradeoff between non-invasive procedures and surgical procedures is the recovery. While you do get better, longer lasting results, you also have a longer recovery.

      What will happen before and after the treatment

      For the first 6 days, you can expect to:

      • Be sore, bruised, and groggy
      • Not have much of an appetite
      • Only be able to handle soft foods (so recovery is a good time to try juicing!)
      • Sleep sitting up
      • Not do much, including housework
      • Have your incisions removed around day 5 (if you didn’t get dissolvable stitches)

      After 2 weeks, your surgeon will clear you to resume certain activities, such as:

      • Returning to work or school
      • Traveling – if you came to Qazi Cosmetic Clinic from out of town
      • Regular chores and housework
      • Resuming your skincare routine – as long as you use gentle products
      • Light exercise like walking, easy yoga, and stretching

      Over the next 3 to 12 weeks, you will be able to:

      • Ease back into regular exercise 
      • Resume activities like swimming, hot tubbing, and sitting in saunas
      • Stop wearing scarves to cover the bruising
      • Start buying new accessories and tops to show off your new neck
      • Safely get sun exposure without the risk of visible scarring (but you should always wear a hat and sunscreen outdoors)

      Your results will be visible and final 1 year after your procedure. By this time, the tissue should have settled into place. 

      Dr.Qazi invites his patients to contact him to talk about neck tightening procedures

      How Do I Know What is the Best Neck Tightening Procedure for Me?

      You have so many options when it comes to neck tightening procedures. It can be even harder to decide because Qazi Cosmetic Clinic offers both neck lift surgeries and the best non-invasive neck tightening procedures. The good news is that there’s an easy way to find out which procedure is best for you. All you have to do is schedule a consultation at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. Dr. Qazi and his team can determine which procedure is best for your lifestyle and goals. Dr. Qazi will also determine if you are a good candidate for your desired procedure.

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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