Non surgical brow lift

Non Surgical Brow Lift – What You Need To Know

The eyes and the forehead are one of the most expressive parts of the face. A single raised eyebrow can communicate much more than words alone can. However, when the forehead and the brows start to sag, you don’t look expressive, you just look grumpy and tired. This means that it may be time to […]


How Your Facelift Results Could Change Your Life!

Gone are the days of gossip at the hair salon, with whispers of “she’s had work done.” No more overdone results with strangely shaped cheeks and asymmetrical chins. Thanks to innovative new surgical techniques, facelift results now look as natural as ever. And they are more affordable than ever. Once upon a time, only celebrities […]


Cheek Implants vs Fillers – What is the Best Option For You?

When you hear “cheek implants,” your mind might immediately think of the cheeks that fill out your jeans. While most people know a thing or two about the power of booty implants – these implants are designed for an area of the body that the entire world sees: your face. Contouring a look every morning […]

Breast Lift

Breast Lift vs Implants – What is The Best Option For You?

Beer commercials, Victoria Secret ads, People Magazine covers, and every women’s fashion designer can tell you: breasts are a big deal. They come in all shapes and sizes, and women everywhere try life hacks like tape and custom bras to capture that ideal breast shape that they always see in advertisements. The truth is that […]

Why You Can’t Quit Botox After One Treatment

You can try to just quit eating potato chips –– though Lay’s famous slogan says, “Nobody can eat just one.” You can try to quit exercising regularly –– it’s the most commonly overturned New Year’s Resolution. But for our practice, maybe you should ask yourself, “Why can’t I quit Botox® after one treatment?” In reality, you should […]

Fat Reduction For Men

Fat Reduction For Men – The Benefits of Male Body Sculpting

Many people have a vision of their Dream Body. However, while they are dreaming of abs, rock hard thighs, and a great butt, they forget to enjoy life in the body they currently have. Here’s the truth: life is too short to dream about your body goals and never achieve them. And while the gym […]

Neck Lift

Neck Lift Surgery – How To Get Rid of Turkey Neck

It happens to millions of Americans every year: you start to button up your shirt and realize that you can’t because the dreaded “turkey neck” is blocking those last few buttons. Millions of people every year Google “How to get rid of turkey neck.” The results will recommend everything from head nodding exercise to physically […]