The Best Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Procedures in Orange County, CA

Most people naturally store body fat in the abdomen; while this is great for cushioning our organs, providing extra insulation, and protecting us from starving during a famine, that extra belly fat just isn’t a good look in this day and age. This is why millions of people every year march into plastic surgeons’ offices […]

Male Breast

Male Breast Reduction Without Surgery in Orange County

If there is one thing that the tabloids won’t shut up about, it’s boobs. From which female celebs got breast implants to Ben Affleck’s “man boobs.” Thankfully, the rest of us don’t have paparazzi following us around and body shaming us, but many men do have “man boobs” – it’s more common than you’d think.  […]

ice pick acne scar treatment

Battle Ice Pick Scars with These 8 Powerful Treatments

You have left your teenage years far behind you. No more braces, messy blue eyeshadow, awkward school dances, or Mean Girls-style drama. Even if your acne cleared up, you may still be left with a reminder of your past pustules in the form of acne scars. Don’t worry! If you are plagued by the ghosts […]

How to Slim Your Face Without Losing Weight

This time of year, it seems like everyone is trying to lose weight. It’s interwoven into the top five New Year’s Resolutions which typically include “exercise more”… “save money”… “eat more healthy foods”… “lose weight”… and “spend less time on social media”. But we are frequently asked to fulfill yet another resolution: “how to lose […]

How Can I Tighten The Skin Under My Eyes? – An Easy Guide

Sleep 8 hours. Take naps. Stay hydrated. Try every facemask at Lush. Make DIY facemasks with every ingredient in your fridge. Yet, those bags under your eyes are still there. If you have tried everything and still find yourself asking “how can I tighten the skin under my eyes?” then it might be time to […]

Lasers For Dark Skin Hyperpigmentation – Get Your Confidence Back

Have you ever read an article about laser treatment and realized that it came with an asterisk? That asterisk is normally followed by the phrase “treatment not suitable for darker skin tones.” That caveat is now a thing of the past! If you have darker skin, it is now possible to be treated with laser […]

Everything You Need To Know About Under Eye Surgery

Do you ever just want to scream “I’m not tired. This is just how my face looks!” when people comment on your under eye circles? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people buy one eye cream after another or splurge on face masks that don’t work. If you are sick of looking perpetually […]

Laser Treatment for Rosacea – Get Rid of Redness

Do you commonly experience redness or visible blood vessels on your face? It may have been misdiagnosed as acne, an allergy, or eczema, but it could be rosacea. Pronounced “roe-ZAY-she-uh,” this condition is quite common in many parts of the world. In the US alone, around 14 million people are estimated to have rosacea. In […]