Did Alix Earle do the Accure Laser Treatment?

In the world of skincare and celebrity beauty, the spotlight now turns to Alix Earle, trending influencer that has always been open about her acne struggles, prompting questions about her skincare. One question that a lot of people ask is: Did Alix Earle do the Accure Laser Treatment to address her acne? The Accure Laser: […]

Did Kendall Jenner do the Accure Laser Treatment?

In the world of Hollywood glamour and radiant complexions, celebrities often become the subject of speculation regarding their skincare routines. One question that is on people’s mind is: Did Kendall Jenner do the Accure Laser treatment or another laser to address her past struggles with acne? The Accure Laser: At Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport […]

Laser acne scar treatment

Verteporfin For Acne Scars

Verteporfin—a medication traditionally employed in photodynamic therapy for certain eye conditions. Emerging as a potential game-changer for acne scars, Verteporfin for acne scars is currently being carefully examined for its role in transforming the landscape of scar reduction. Contact Qazi Cosmetic Center for more information. The Science Behind Verteporfin’s Potential: 1. Photodynamic Therapy Reimagined: Traditionally […]

How Is The Pain With Accure Laser?

Are you considering the Accure Laser treatment at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, but concerned about the pain with Accure Laser? Let us alleviate your worries and shed light on the comfort you can expect during this innovative acne solution. The Accure Laser, proudly featured at Qazi Cosmetic Center, boasts a remarkable set of […]

Accure Laser for Acne

Accure Laser for Acne at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, where we introduce you to this groundbreaking technology. As pioneers in offering this treatment, we are confident that it will be a transformative solution for individuals seeking relief from persistent acne breakouts. Why Opt for Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach and Accure Laser […]

The ACCURE ACNE LASER at Qazi Cosmetic Center

ACCURE ACNE LASER, an innovative solution for the 85% of individuals grappling with acne at some point in their lives. The ACCURE ACNE LASER is a revolutionary laser therapy designed to effectively address mild to severe facial acne without systemic side effects or the need for prescription medications, creams, or lotions. WHAT IS ACCURE? The […]

Melasma Transformations To Inspire You in 2024:

Frustrated by dark facial spots that just won’t go away? If stubborn melasma has been preventing you from achieving clear skin, you may feel discouraged. But there is hope – getting your natural skin back is possible with the proper treatment approach! Leading Cosmetic Physician, Dr. Qazi has extensive experience successfully clearing stubborn melasma patches for good.

glass skin transformation with Accure laser

The Best Glass Skin Transformations of 2023:

What’s the secret to glass skin? Everyone wants to know! The first step is to treat any active acne or bumps that may be getting in the way. However, while stubborn acne can prevent you from getting that flawless complexion, harsh prescription meds might help temporarily before stopping working or causing bad side effects.