Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken pox, a common childhood illness, leaves behind more than just memories. For many, it’s a reminder in the form of chicken pox scars. These scars, often pockmarks or depressions, can impact self-confidence and overall well-being. We’ll talk about chicken pox scars, understand their formation, and discover the treatments that can help you get rid […]

Dr. Qazi shows the results achieved after applying lasers for dark skin hyperpigmentation

Tranexamic Acid for Hyperpigmentation

Do you wish to get rid of hyperpigmentation? The answer to your skincare aspirations might lie in Tranexamic Acid. This article is about Tranexamic Acid in the context of treating hyperpigmentation and how you can achieve your skin goals right here in Orange County at Qazi Cosmetic Center. For a personalized consultation or for more […]

Is The Accure Laser Safe? 

If you’re considering Accure Laser for acne treatment, safety is likely one of your top concerns. You want to be sure that the treatment you choose is not only effective but also completely safe. This article talks about why Accure Laser is safe and is a trusted option for individuals seeking relief from acne. Contact […]

Does Accure Laser Cause Purging?

Are you considering Accure Laser treatment for your skin concerns but worried about the possibility of purging? It’s a common concern, and we’re here to provide you with all the essential information. Accure Laser has gained popularity for its effectiveness in treating acne. Look into what purging is, how Accure Laser works, and what you […]

Is Accure Laser Better Than Accutane For Active Acne?

While Accutane (isotretinoin) is well-known for fixing acne, there’s a new treatment available – Accure Laser. Is Accure Laser better than Accutane for acne? In this guide, we will explore the advantages of Accure Laser over Accutane for treating active acne. Say goodbye to frustrating breakouts and hello to clearer skin. Contact us at (949)-336-7293 […]

ice pick acne scar treatment

Can Accutane Fix Acne Scars? 

Wondering if Accutane can fix acne scars? Explore the potential of this medication in this article. Learn about its effects, alternatives, and discover the path to smoother, scar-free skin. Based in Orange County, Qazi Cosmetic Center is your trusted source for acne solutions. Contact us at (949)-336-7293 to schedule a consultation today. What Is Accutane […]

What Acne Scar Procedures Should Not Be Performed While On Accutane?

For those struggling with persistent acne, Accutane (isotretinoin) is a powerful medication that can bring relief. However there are considerations when it comes to undergoing specific acne scar procedures while on Accutane. We’ll talk about acne scar treatments, highlighting the procedures that should not be performed while on Accutane. For personalized advice, don’t hesitate to […]

Is Subcision More Effective Than Laser?

When it comes acne scars, people are always looking for the most effective treatment. Two treatments are often mentioned: subcision and laser therapy. But which of these if more effective for acne scars? In this article, we’ll talk about the characteristics and mechanisms of both subcision and laser treatments, explore when each is recommended, and […]