Pro-Nox for Cosmetic Procedures – FAQ’s, Tips, & More


Needles and lasers and discomfort, oh my! If you arrive in a physician’s office and immediately want to tap your ruby red slippers together and be transported home, then pro-nox may be right for you. 

Cosmetic procedures do not have to be scary, not even if you are afraid of needles. Due to popular demand, Qazi Cosmetic Clinic now offers pro-nox to patients to help them relax and to keep them comfortable during procedures.

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-nox is more commonly known as “laughing gas.” It is a combination of half oxygen and half nitrous oxide. The primary purpose of pro-nox is to keep patients comfortable during their procedures. Nitrous oxide is most commonly used in dentists offices, but this diluted form of it is also suitable for cosmetic procedures.

Pro-nox works by targeting the central nervous system, namely the GABA receptors in the brain, as well as the pain centers and the spinal cord. Unlike other forms of anesthetic, nitrous oxide and oxygen are not fully metabolized by the body. In fact, experts estimate that less than 0.004% is metabolized when inhaled. This means that the effects of the pro-nox will wear off within 10 minutes after you stop inhaling it. 

If you have ever had your wisdom teeth taken out, you probably know what nitrous oxide feels like. You feel calm, a little floaty, and you don’t register any pain. Pro-nox is very similar, but due to the lower concentration of nitrous oxide, you will feel less floaty and more awake. Unlike more invasive methods of numbing, pro-nox is delivered through the mouth or nose. The device that delivers the gas is controlled by the patient, so you can be in control of how much pro-nox you are receiving. 

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    7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Pro-Nox During Your Next Procedure

    Pro-nox for cosmetic procedures is safe and effective as a non-invasive discomfort control method. Dr. Nadir Qazi recommends pro-nox for procedures that involve mild to moderate amounts of discomfort. It is also an option for patients who experience anxiety or who have a phobia of needles. 

    Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider utilizing pro-nox during your next procedure: 

    1. Pro-Nox is Self-Administered. Unlike general anesthesia or topical numbing cream, you will have complete control over how much or how little nitrous oxide you take. If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort, you simply inhale more pro-nox. If you are feeling alright, simply move the pro-nox administration device away from your face.
    1. It is Completely Safe to Drive Yourself Home Afterwards. Unlike general anesthesia, you will be able to drive yourself home after the procedure. This means that you will not need to arrange for a ride home or need time to recover. In fact, one reason why pro-nox for cosmetic procedures is so popular is because it leaves your system within 10 minutes. There are no lingering effects after you leave the office. 
    1. Nitrous Oxide  is Commonly Used in Dental Procedures. Pro-nox is nothing new, nor is it dangerous or experimental. Nitrous oxide has been around for a long time and has been commonly used in dental procedures since the 1950s. If you have had your wisdom teeth removed or your cavities filled, there is a good chance that you’ve used pro-nox before. Pro-nox is a 50-50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, so it is just as safe for cosmetic procedures as pure nitrous oxide is for dental procedures. 
    1. Nitrous Oxide Has a Long, Well-Documented History. Nitrous oxide, which is the prime ingredient in pr-nox, was discovered in 1772 and was immediately utilized as an anesthetic. Throughout the 19th century, nitrous oxide was used in childbirth, dentistry, and psychiatry. Since the discovery of nitrous oxide predated the discovery of anesthesia by nearly 100 years, there was a period when nitrous oxide was one of the only options available for patients.
    1. When Used in Cosmetic Procedures, Pro-Nox Reduces Anxiety and Discomfort. Pro-nox can certainly ease your worries and concerns about cosmetic procedures. Pro-nox is highly recommended for anyone with high anxiety levels, medical-related phobias, or general fear of discomfort. Because pro-nox makes patients feel relaxed and calm, it will prevent you from getting worked up during the procedure. 
    1. It is Completely Non-Addictive. Non-invasive procedures at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic are relatively painless, so there is very little need for painkillers. However, many of Dr. Qazi’s patients are relieved to know that pro-nox is non-addictive. Because nitrous oxide is significantly diluted with oxygen when it is delivered to you as pro-nox, there is no risk of developing a nitrous oxide addiction. 

    What Procedures Can Be Combined With Pro-Nox?

    Pro-nox should be treated as an add-on for procedures that would otherwise be too uncomfortable for the patient. Every patient has a different pain threshold and relationship to needles, so there are no hard and fast guidelines on which procedures pro-nox can and cannot be safely used with. If you think that you need pro-nox, then definitely request it. The team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic wants you to be happy and comfortable during your procedure. 

    Dr. Qazi offers patients pro-nox during most procedures, but it is most popularly utilized for:

    In general, patients most often request pro-nox when they are undergoing lengthy procedures that involve repeated injections or treating a large area of the face with a laser device. However, you are also welcome to request pro-nox for minimal injection procedures, such as dermal fillers, a PDO thread lift, and Botox

    The only procedures that you will definitely not need pro-nox for are surgical procedures at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic and facials. This is because facials are completely painless and very relaxing. Dr. Qazi’s customized facials put the “spa” in “medspa.” You will also not require pro-nox if you get a breast lift, breast augmentation, a nose job, a facelift, or any other surgical procedure. This is because all surgical procedures are done under general anesthesia. 

    Other Pain Management Options Offered at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic

    No one should have to experience pain while pursuing their desired look; however, even some non-invasive procedures involve a small amount of discomfort. Pro-nox for cosmetic procedures is one of the best discomfort management methods because it wears off within 10 to 15 minutes. It is also non-addictive and the patient has complete control over how much they inhale. 

    Qazi Cosmetic Clinic has 2 alternatives to pro-nox: a topical numbing cream and injectable lidocaine. Topical numbing cream is most often used for chemical peels, laser treatment, RF microneedling, and Kybella. It will make the area completely numb, so that you will not feel the procedure. 

    However, the biggest downside to numbing cream is that it has a time delay. After the cream is applied, it takes up to 30 minutes for the area to feel numb. Most patients do not like sitting around waiting for their face to go numb. After the procedure, numbing cream can take up to 3 hours to fully wear off. This is less than ideal for patients who are returning to work or going to brunch after their procedure. 

    The other option for discomfort management is injectable lidocaine. This is only an option for certain procedures that involve injecting material into the skin. Most brands of dermal fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine, which will ease your soreness. Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport may also contain a small amount of lidocaine. 

    In some cases, the small amount of lidocaine in injectables may not be enough to completely ease your discomfort. Even with it, you may still experience soreness. Lidocaine only begins to work after it is injected along with the filler or Botox, so it is not designed to help patients who experience anxiety before the injection. 

    Pro-nox is the best option for pain and anxiety relief during any procedure. It kicks in very quickly and wears off just as quickly. During your appointment, you will be able to control how much pro-nox you consume and how “floaty” you feel. 

    pro-nox for procedures

    Frequently Asked Questions About Pro-Nox For Cosmetic Procedures

    1. What Does Pro-Nox Feel Like?

    Pro-nox feels very similar to the nitrous oxide that you might get at the dentist office. Pro-nox is more diluted than dental nitrous oxide, so the effects will not be as strong.

    When you first start pro-nox it will kick in relatively quickly. You may feel slightly dizzy at first, then you will feel a little floaty, but you will still be aware of everything going on around you. You can expect to feel relaxed, but not necessarily sleepy. You should be able to talk normally while on pro-nox; while you may have slightly less of a filter than usual, you will still be able to think coherently and express your thoughts. 

    If you have any concerns, you will still be able to inform Dr. Qazi. When you get a procedure, you should never be afraid to speak up if something does not feel right. The best part about pro-nox is that it reduces discomfort without limiting your ability to communicate. 

    2. How is Pro-Nox Different Than Nitrous Oxide at the Dentist Office?

    Pro-nox contains 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen. This means that the effects you might experience at the dentist’s office with pure nitrous oxide will be lessened if you are taking pro-nox. Nitrous oxide itself is made up of two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. When it is diluted even further with 50% oxygen, it is rendered even safer and non-addictive. 

    3. Is Pro-Nox Safe For Cosmetic Procedures? 

    Yes, pro-nox is perfectly safe for cosmetic procedures. The combination is mostly oxygen with a controlled amount of nitrogen; this combination has proven to be safe for inhalation during a brief cosmetic procedure. There are relatively few risks associated with taking pro-nox for a procedure; a majority of the risks only occur for people who inhale nitrous oxide in its pure form and who abuse the substance recreationally. 

    There are a few rare cases of patients experiencing a headache, nausea, or dizziness shortly after taking pro-nox during a procedure. The best way to prevent these side effects is to be well-hydrated before the procedure and to eat a small snack. 

    If you have any concerns about pro-nox or your procedure, contact Qazi Cosmetic Clinic

    4. What Are the Medical Benefits of Pro-Nox?

    Pro-nox is not quite the same thing as anesthesia because patients remain alert. The biggest medical benefit of pro-nox for cosmetic procedures is that it reduces anxiety, discomfort, and panic attacks for people with needle phobias. In some cases, pro-nox has been observed to lessen the amount of skin discoloration that occurs after laser treatment or hyaluronidase injections. There has not yet been a formal study on this phenomenon, but one theory is that the nitrous oxide has a dilation effect on the veins, which increases blood flow. 

    5. How is Pro-Nox Administered During Cosmetic Procedures? 

    Pro-nox is administered via a mouth piece. You as the patient will hold the tube and control if you are inhaling the pro-nox or not. There are no IVs or pills to swallow when you utilize pro-nox for cosmetic procedures.

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      Whether you want to erase wrinkles, repair sun damage, or get that contour, procedures at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic are now more comfortable than ever with pro-nox. You can request pro-nox for nearly any non-invasive procedure if you think it will help you. Please contact Qazi Cosmetic Clinic for more information about pro-nox and our procedures. 

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