Derms Say This Is The Processed Food To Stop Eating If You Struggle With Oily Skin

As refined carbs can be found in many popular processed foods, it’s easy to obtain many of them in your diet without noticing. Eating this type of food, Qazi explains, can “stimulate sebum production.” Sebum is the “oily, waxy substance your skin naturally produces to moisturize and protect your skin,” he notes. Too much sebum can “cause the skin to look oily, make your pores look more prominent, and even trap dead skin inside your pores, leading to acne and blackheads,” he adds. Highly refined carbohydrates, like those found in pastries and breads, are “too easy for our bodies to digest, creating a chain reaction like dominos,” Qazi says. When refined carbs are digested, “they cause significant insulin spikes.” He says that the spikes cause our bodies to release androgens and produce more oily skin.

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