Renuvion – Everything You Need to Know About Skin Tightening with Helium & RF Waves

The results are in and beauty magazines like  Haute Beauty are raving about a “new era” of skin tightening treatments. Renuvion is a revolutionary new skin tightening treatment that has quickly become one of the must-have cosmetic procedures.

If you want firmer skin for a more youthful complexion or if you want to tighten up your arms, back, butt, thighs, or stomach, then Renuvion skin tightening may be right for you.

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion is a minimally-invasive, FDA-approved cosmetic technology that utilizes proprietary helium gas and RF waves to tighten loose skin on the face and body. The procedure can be utilized on its own to provide anti-aging benefits or in conjunction with forms of lipo to aid in skin tightening after surgical weight loss. 

Also referred to as “Renuvion J-Plasma,” “J-Plasma,” or “J Plasty,” the procedure is ideal for many patients because it uses small incisions to reach targeted areas of the body. This means reduced downtime for recovery, no large surgical scars, and the results desired require one single session.

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    What Can Renuvion Treat?

    Unlike other cosmetic procedures that can only be done on the face or certain parts of the body, this skin tightening treatment can be done anywhere. Some common uses and popular areas of the body for this treatment include: 

    • Arm Tightening – Many celebrities have their arms firmed up before red carpet events and award shows so that they will look their best in front of the cameras. If you want your arms to look better in sleeveless tops and avoid the “turkey wing” that can show your age, then arm tightening may be right for you. 
    • Tummy Tuck & Belt Lift – Everyone has a little belly that their workout routine and diet just can’t seem to get rid of. Don’t worry! A combination treatment of Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion can give you beautiful results. For some patients, the use of renuvion is an alternative to a surgical tummy tuck where the skin is cut, removed, and sewn back together. Renuvion can tighten skin laxity and although some results are immediate, they only get better over the course of a few months. 
    • Breast Lift – Whether from breastfeeding or gravity, it is natural for breasts to change in shape and lose their firmness over time. Renuvion can help firm up your breasts by tightening the skin tissue. Renuvion can compliment a “boob job” or breast augmentation to boost your confidence and make you feel good about your body. 
    • Thigh Firming – Squats can only do so much to tone and contour your body. If you have experienced significant weight loss, you may have some extra loose skin that interferes with your aesthetic goals. This is where skin tightening comes in. No matter how much you work out, loose skin is extremely hard to get rid of on your own. You maybenefit from this non-invasive procedure to firm up areas of the body – like the thighs – that have remaining loose skin. 
    • Face & Neck Lift – As we age, it is natural for skin to loosen and droop. The phenomenon of drooping skin is what causes marionette lines below a person’s mouth. If you have marionette lines, there are many treatments that can smooth over these unsightly lines. However, loose skin on the face and neck overall has a negative effect on one’s appearance and their confidence. By firming up the lower face and neck, you could take years off your appearance and come across as more vigorous and energetic.

    Why Should I Choose Renuvion? – How It Compares to Other Cosmetic Procedures

    There are many different procedures offered by Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Orange County that can improve your appearance. Renuvion is different from other procedures like MicroLipo and Kybella because it is designed for tightening loose skin as opposed to removing unwanted fat.

    Which procedure is right for your unique cosmetic needs can easily be determined by a board-certified cosmetic physician. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nadir Qazi to learn more about your options for achieving your aesthetic goals with cosmetic procedures. 

    Renuvion skin tightening is a highly effective way to treat unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, especially if there are many areas that require treatment. 

    While there are many other treatments for wrinkles, like Botox, dermal fillers, and PDO thread lift, this method of skin tightening has several advantages over other procedures.

    For one, most other cosmetic procedures are only temporary because the Botox will wear off and the fillers and PDO threads will naturally dissolve on their own. These types of procedures require follow-up appointments several months later in order to get new injections. On one hand, temporary procedures are ideal for people who are unsure if they will like their new look and would like the option to go back. On the other hand, it can be a drag to repeatedly require appointments to maintain your aesthetic results.

    For people who know the look they want and do not want to bother with follow-ups and repeated injections, then permanent skin tightening may be right for them.

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      The Benefits of Skin Tightening With Helium

      The “J Plasty” procedure has many benefits that have made it quite popular in the Orange County area. Here are the top 5 reasons why so many patients at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic have chosen Renuvion: 

      1. It is safe. Most non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are quite safe and pose little health risk and minimal side effects. Skin tightening is the same. Because the device allows cosmetic physicians to target specific areas of the body using very small incisions in the skin, there is little risk of adverse effects during and after the procedure. 
      1. It is FDA-approved. Having a procedure be approved by the FDA gives patients further peace of mind that the treatment is safe and effective. 
      1. Long-term effects in a single treatment. Many OC patients have busy lives and need to look their best for every moment of them. J Plasma skin tightening has become quite popular because of its ability to transform your face or body permanently in a single treatment session. 
      1. It is non-invasive and painless. Everyone has seen those click-bait articles showcasing celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. Thankfully, non-invasive procedures carry much less risk of ill effects than full-on cosmetic surgery. Don’t worry! After your procedure, you will look like a better version of yourself and you will not end up in one of those click-bait articles. 
      2. The procedure only uses small incisions. Many people are afraid of being cut open or “going under the knife.” This form of skin tightening does not require being cut open. When Dr. Qazi carefully performs the procedure, he will make tiny incisions and precisely target specific areas with the J Plasma device.

      What Makes Renuvion Effective for Skin Tightening? 

      There are two different uses for the Renuvion J-Plasma device: skin resurfacing and subdermal skin tightening. The device works by delivering a cool, precise stream of helium gas along with radiofrequency (RF) waves to the target area. 

      When done as a resurfacing treatment, the helium and RF waves are delivered to the surface of the skin. If you undergo the subdermal version of the treatment, then a small incision will be made in the skin in order to deliver the helium and RF waves to deeper layers of the skin. 

      Subdermal skin tightening treatment is much more effective at transforming your appearance than the resurfacing treatment is. When the device is used subdermally, the combination of high-frequency heat and cold causes the skin to contract and promotes increased collagen production. The effect is skin firming from the inside out. 

      Because the device uses helium to cool, it also has the effect of reducing tissue irritation, so there is less damage to the skin during the procedure. Reduced skin damage means that your recovery time will be lessened. 

      This skin tightening procedure can be used on its own for treating loose skin, but it is also commonly combined with treatments like liposuction. Procedures that involve removing fat or destroying fat cells often result in loose skin, so in order to complete the transformation, skin tightening is required.

      What Will My Procedure Be Like?

      When you have this treatment done, it will probably take about an hour. Depending on your aesthetic goals, the area of treatment, and the extent of the area, you may get local anesthesia or generalized anesthesia. As a highly experienced board-certified physician, Dr. Qazi can discuss your specific options with you and explain how your customized procedure will go. In general, you can expect something like this:

      • Once you arrive at our Orange County office, you will be given some pain management options and settled in to a comfortable and sterile procedure room.
      • Dr. Qazi will make a small incision in the skin and use it to access deeper layers of the skin. He will insert a tiny tube called a cannula into the skin; a cannula will be used to deliver the combination of cooled helium and RF waves. 
      • Then Dr. Qazi will gently sweep the cannula back and forth. As the RF waves ionize the helium, it will become a cool, precise stream that will cause the skin to contract.
      • After the procedure is over, the small incision will be treated and bandaged to facilitate healing. You will be given plenty of time to recover from any pain medications and you will be carefully monitored to ensure that you are okay. 
      • You will likely be sore and groggy, so it is best that you arrange for someone to give you a ride home.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Helium & RF Skin Tightening

      What can I expect for recovery after the procedure? When can I attend special events again?

      Recovery varies depending on the extent of the skin tightening treatment. For most patients, you can expect 7 to 10 days of initial healing. However, it can take up to 4 weeks for you to be completely healed. You can expect some swelling and bruising that will gradually subside over time. It may be recommended that you wear a compression garment on the treated area for 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure in order to reduce swelling and promote faster healing. 

      To allow for effective healing, you should wait at least 2 weeks before you do any strenuous activity or exercise. If there is a special event where you want to look your best, it is a safe bet to schedule your procedure at least 6 weeks before the event. This way you are sure to be healed and ready to go!

      When will I see the results? 

      You will see some results immediately after the treatment. However, some swelling and bruising will obscure your results. Once you heal in the weeks to months after the procedure, you will notice increased skin elasticity, greater firmness, and improved texture.

      Are the results really permanent?

      The short answer is yes. Unlike other treatments where your body will metabolize the injectables over time, Renuvion tightens the skin and boosts collagen production, which provides long-term results. However, the longevity of the results are dependent on your lifestyle and how well you care for your skin. Factors like extreme weight fluctuations, gravity, and sun exposure can cause your skin to once again loosen over time.

      Who is a good candidate for skin tightening treatment?

      Renuvion works well for both men and women who have loose skin. However, it is only effective for people with certain amounts of loose skin. If you have an excessive amount of loose skin, then Renuvion may not be effective for your case and a cosmetic physician will likely recommend a different procedure to obtain best results.

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        Contact Dr. Qazi To Learn More About Renuvion From an Expert

        Many people ask “how do I know if Renuvion skin tightening treatment is right for me?” The best way to find out if Renuvion can treat your specific cosmetic concerns is to talk to an expert. An experienced physician like Dr. Qazi will be able to answer all your questions. If it turns out that Renuvion isn’t the best treatment for you, then he will be able to recommend a different course of action in order to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

        By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

        Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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