RF Microneedling vs. Microneedling – Why You Should Get RF Microneedling For Better Results!

It is true: there is a lot of lingo to learn in the world of beauty and cosmetic procedures. If you were reading Haute Beauty and found yourself confused as to what, exactly, is microneedling and RF microneedling, you are not alone. Dr. Qazi and the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic are here to help! Read on to learn more about RF microneedling vs. microneedling.

What is RF Microneedling?

The RF in RF microneedling stands for “radiofrequency.” This procedure utilizes the state-of-the-art Vivace device in order to make small, controlled punctures to the skin. It also delivers safe radiofrequency waves that are designed to amplify the benefits of the procedure.

Many people wonder: “RF microneedling vs. microneedling – what’s the difference?” Microneedling with RF waves works by gently puncturing the skin with small needles and applying RF waves to the skin. This  prompts your body to naturally heal itself by creating more collagen and elastin. This results in smaller pores, healed sun damage, and fewer lines and wrinkles.

Many patients have questions about the use of radiofrequency waves in their skincare procedure. There are many other cosmetic treatments that utilize heat and energy to enhance your skin quality. For example, Renuvion is a skin-tightening procedure that applies heat under the skin to smooth lines and wrinkles.

With RF microneedling, the use of radiofrequency waves is a skin-safe way to reach deeper layers of the skin without doing too much damage. This allows cosmetic physicians like Dr. Nadir Qazi to treat a greater number of conditions with greater success. By accessing deeper layers of the skin, it is possible to address many other conditions, not just conditions that only affect the surface of the skin. 

RF Microneedling vs. Microneedling – What is the Difference?

Traditional microneedling is a procedure that uses sterile, ultra-thin needles to strategically pierce the skin to create micro-wounds. When your skin naturally heals itself from these micro-wounds, it will produce elastin and collagen. These are the proteins in the skin that are responsible for skin texture and appearance. 

Radiofrequency microneedling is a more advanced form of microneedling that uses RF waves to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin in order to heal common skin conditions.

One benefit of RF microneedling vs. microneedling is that RF microneedling is ideal for people with darker skin tones. Most laser treatments are not safe for darker skin tones; however, RF microneedling can provide similar results to laser treatments and is perfectly safe for every skin tone. It is also preferred over laser treatments because microneedling with RF waves is less invasive, more comfortable, and requires less recovery time. 

Additionally, there are several other distinctions between RF microneedling vs. microneedling: traditional microneedling is not customizable with respect to the depth of penetration, does not use RF waves, damages the skin more, and is not as effective at boosting collagen production. 

What Extra Benefits Does RF Microneedling Offer Over Traditional Microneedling?

While both RF and traditional microneedling can treat a variety of issues, RF microneedling is the more popular and more effective form of this treatment. Here are 5 benefits of RF microneedling over traditional microneedling:

  1. Fewer Sessions Required – On average, patients who choose RF microneedling often require fewer sessions to achieve their results than patients who opt for traditional microneedling. Because radiofrequency microneedling penetrates deeper into the skin and uses heat for effective skin-tightening, it can provide better results with fewer sessions. 
  1. Treats a Wider Range of Cosmetic Concerns – RF microneedling is better for addressing greater cosmetic concerns than traditional microneedling. It can effectively treat acne scars, sun damage, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks; the Vivace device can also safely be used on almost any area of the body.
  1. Safer and Requires No Downtime – Because traditional microneedling is more abrasive to the top layer of the skin, it causes much more superficial trauma. This means that patients can have red and sandpaper-like textured skin after the treatment. RF microneedling, on the other hand, has no downtime and is not harmful to the skin.
  1. Customizable Treatment – Your skin concerns are unique to you, so your treatment should be too. Unlike traditional microneedling, RF microneedling is completely customizable in terms of how deep the Vivace device penetrates into the skin. This means that it is able to provide greater results with more precision, while addressing all your specific cosmetic concerns.
  1. Produces Greater Collagen – Overall, when evaluating RF microneedling vs. microneedling, most cosmetic physicians prefer RF microneedling because  it is more effective at stimulating collagen production. While traditional microneedling only damages the surface layer of the skin to activate healing, RF microneedling utilizes radiofrequency waves and heat to boost your collagen levels without harming your skin. 

Because of the greater benefits, ability to customize the treatment, and the reduced downtime, Dr. Nadir Qazi recommends RF microneedling vs. microneedling. Because traditional microneedling is not nearly as effective at stimulating collagen or tightening the skin, it is not the best procedure if you want glowing, clear, beautiful skin.

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    What To Expect During Your RF Microneedling Procedure

    Ready to take the leap? Contact Qazi Cosmetic Clinic to schedule a consultation to learn more about RF microneedling. When you arrive at our comfortable Orange County office for your appointment, this is what you can expect:

    1. There are some steps you will need to take to prepare for your appointment. First, avoid using Accutane for 6 months before the procedure. Second, discontinue Retin A, other topical medications, and avoid skin resurfacing in the 3 to 7 days before your appointment. On the day of, examine your skin to be sure that a rash or other irritation has not developed. If you notice any skin irritation, reschedule the appointment. 
    1. In order to prepare you for the procedure, Dr. Qazi will cleanse your skin and apply a topical numbing cream. If you have any concerns, make sure to let Dr. Qazi and his team know beforehand. 
    1. For the procedure itself, the RF microneedling device will be used on the treatment area. You can expect to feel pressure and heat, but it should not cause pain. 
    1. Because both procedures are non-invasive, you are safe to go about your day afterward. You may experience some dryness for a few days after the procedure, but this is completely normal. Be sure to wear sunscreen, use any antibiotic creams you are given, and avoid makeup for several hours after the procedure. 

    Why Our Patients Choose RF Microneedling vs Microneedling

    RF microneedling is on the rise as a new, popular cosmetic procedure. It has easily surpassed traditional microneedling as one of the most sought after treatments for people of all ages. There are many reasons why this treatment has become so popular. For one, it works on all skin types and tones. Patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits of microneedling.

    It is also very popular with men because the results are natural-looking and the recovery is minimal. Because RF microneedling utilizes your body’s own healing powers, your improved skin texture will look perfectly natural. This means you will never have to worry about the dreaded question, “have you had work done?” 

    Many patients like RF microneedling because the procedure itself feels very natural and non-invasive. Other procedures like Botox and dermal fillers involve using injectables to achieve the desired effect. Some patients are not comfortable with this, which is why they may opt for procedures like RF microneedling that merely boost their body’s natural healing and tightening their skin.

    What Areas of the Body Can RF Microneedling Treat?

    RF microneedling can be used on almost any area of the body. While the most popular use is on the face, the benefits of RF microneedling can improve many other areas of the body as well. At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Orange County, we offer a variety of services that utilize forms of microneedling: 

    • Full face RF microneedling to treat acne scars, large pores, sun damage, skin discoloration, and fine lines
    • For the neck and chest
    • RF microneedling on the back to reduce acne scars 
    • Treat stretch marks on the arms with RF microneedling 
    • RF microneedling on the stomach to reduce stretch marks 
    • Improve skin quality on the thighs 

    Frequently Asked Questions About RF Microneedling

    There are a lot of at-home microneedling devices available. Are they safe to use?

    As a general rule, you should always receive cosmetic treatments from board-certified cosmetic physicians. There are a lot of DIY microneedling devices on the market; however, these are not nearly as safe or effective as the in-office procedure. 

    These devices usually make micro-punctures by having you manually roll the device over our skin. Because they are not able to penetrate deeply into the skin, they only have limited results. You might notice temporary skin brightening, but this is most likely due to the fact that the device is exfoliating your skin. At-home devices are not able to stimulate collagen production and aid in healing nearly as well as professional RF microneedling services. 

    Not only are DIY microneedling devices not as effective, they can also be dangerous. If you are using the device on yourself, you can risk pressing too hard and causing increased scarring. These devices are also not sterile. When you get microneedling at a cosmetic clinic or medspa, the professional devices are carefully sterilized and come with disposable tips to ensure your safety. DIY devices do not have this feature, so you risk introducing bacteria into your skin, which could result in an infection. 

    I have heard that RF microneedling makes punctures in my skin, should I be concerned? 

    This is a common concern. Many patients heard the word “puncture” and assume that the microneedling device will punch out large areas of skin. Don’t worry! You won’t come out of the procedure looking like Deadpool from the Marvel comics. RF microneedling uses tiny needles to make small punctures in the skin in order to deliver RF waves to the lower layers of the skin. The punctures are so small that you can’t even see them. The Vivace device is also completely customizable, so it can reach deeper or shallower into the skin, depending on your needs. 

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      How long do the results last?

      For most people, their results will last 3 to 6 months. Of course, this depends on taking proper care of your skin after the procedure. Patients who consistently wear sunscreen outside, maintain their skin care routine, avoid harsh chemicals on their face, and refrain from popping new pimples will enjoy longer-lasting results. 

      Depending on your needs and goals, multiple follow-up appointments for RF microneedling may be necessary. Significant benefit comes from a schedule of 3 treatments that are spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. 

      Who is a good candidate for RF microneedling?

      Anyone who wants to improve the texture and quality of their skin! Male and female patients alike can enjoy the benefits of microneedling, as well as patients of all ages. However, the Vivace microneedling device has not yet been tested for women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are currently pregnant or think you might become pregnant, it is best to hold off on your treatment. 

      At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, your safety is our top priority. This is why we will not perform procedures until they have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. In order to keep you and your baby safe, Dr. Qazi does not offer microneedling for pregnant women because the microneedling device has not yet been proven to be safe for both mother and child. 

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      Meet Dr. Nadir Qazi

      While growing up in Chicago, I struggled for years with severe acne and scarring. Dealing with constant comments about my skin, especially from friends and family, wasn’t easy. That feeling of isolation and defeat hit me hard. Many around me were in the same position, yet there were very limited solutions available. This led me to determine my mission: to tirelessly build a unique medical practice where compassion meets science, providing proper care for every overlooked skin type and tone. At my Center, my team and I offer only clinically proven treatments that I have personally researched. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams, breaking free from the constraints of their physical appearance, and to be the support I needed the most.

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