Vanessa Hudgens Plastic Surgery – How Can I Achieve Her Look?

Vanessa hudgens posing for the camera

Did Vanessa Hudgens get plastic surgery? How does she look that good at age 33? What is her secret? Dr. Nadir Qazi will not speculate about celebrities, but if you want to look that good too, then the team at Qazi Cosmetic Center has a few tricks up their sleeve to give you a glow up!

Vanessa Hudgens Plastic Surgery – Did She Have Some Work Done?

The rumor mill is at it again! After the former Disney star, now all grown up, walked the runway in a sexy lingerie set at the Savage X Fenty show, the internet went wild with speculation that she has had some work done. The gossip magazines suggested that Hudgens got breast implants before the show, and her fans wonder if she has gone under the knife before. 

This seems to happen to every talented star who grows up in the spotlight. Other actresses, like Bella Thorne, were also accused of getting plastic surgery, all because they look different as adults than they did as pre-teens on the set of Disney TV shows. Shortly after her marriage to Justin Bieber, model Hailey Bieber also became the victim of unfounded plastic surgery rumors.

Vanessa Hudgens swears that she has never had plastic surgery. In a recent interview about the rumors, Hudgens said, “It’s not just my industry, it’s in the world right now. That is America. That is the social landscape that we’re in. But if you look at ancient cultures, different cultures all over the world, the ways that we make ourselves feel beautiful are different.”

For Hudgens, breast implants were not the way to make herself feel beautiful. However, for many women, breast implants were exactly what they needed to feel sexy, confident, and beautiful.

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    The Top 4 Best Procedures To Look as Stunning as Vanessa Hudgens

    It doesn’t make a difference either way if Hudgens has had plastic surgery or not. What matters more is that women have the tools to make themselves feel confident in their own way. This is why Qazi Cosmetic Clinic offers a wide range of procedures for all body types and skin types. If you want to feel like a million bucks in your own Savage X Fenty set, then there are a few procedures that you may want to consider.

    1. Breast Augmentation

    A boob job wasn’t right for Hudgens, but it may be right for you. Patients in Orange County love their results after breast augmentation. Not only is the procedure a magical confidence boost, it also balances the female figure to make women look more proportional. Individuals who are seeking feminine gender affirming surgery might also consider breast augmentation to achieve a soft, curvy figure. 

    There are 2 types of breast augmentation: Breast implants and a fat transfer to the breasts. 

    Breast Implants

    When you get breast implants, you can choose between saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants. The implants can be inserted the traditional way, under the breast, or they can be inserted through the nipple, the belly button, or the armpit to effectively hide the scars. 

    If you want to achieve a look like Vanessa Hudgens plastic surgery, then it is best to go as natural as possible. Dr. Qazi recommends gummy bear implants because they mimic the natural droop of the breast. Your implants will also look more natural if you have them placed under the muscle and inserted with a technique that does not leave visible scars. 

    After your breast implants, you can find yourself to be the center of speculation like Hudgens. Dr. Qazi’s team of experts will be able to make your new breasts look so good that everyone thinks they couldn’t possibly be natural, and so natural-looking that it’s hard to believe they are implants. 

    Fat Transfer

    A fat transfer is an alternative to breast implants that does not use man-made implants. During a fat transfer, volume is created in the breasts by removing extra fat cells from one part of the body and re-injecting them into the chest area. While fat transfers are less precise than implants, the procedure is desirable because it achieves a very natural look, as well as achieves that look through natural means. 

    Compared to breast implants, fat transfer procedures have both benefits and drawbacks. The benefits include: 

    • The procedure uses your body’s natural materials.
    • Fat transfer results look very natural.
    • The results are long-lasting if you keep your weight stable.
    • A fat transfer will also contour your waist for an overall hourglass figure.
    • If you also want liposuction, a fat transfer kills two birds with one stone.

    If you think breast augmentation is the key to feeling beautiful and sexy, then Dr. Qazi is here to help! Schedule a consultation at the Orange County office today!

    Portrait of Vanessa Hudgens smiling.

    2. Nose Job

    Nose jobs, called rhinoplasty in the medical field, are one of the most popular procedures in the United States. This is because the procedure has both an aesthetic purpose and a medical purpose. A rhinoplasty can be necessary in cases where there is a nasal blockage or a deviated septum that prevents proper air flow. 

    A nose job is also a quick and subtle way to improve your overall look. While the nose doesn’t get as much attention as the lips, eyes, or eyebrows, it is the centerpiece of your face that makes the rest of your features work. Not everyone is as lucky to have natural symmetry and contour like Vanessa Hudgens, but a nose job might be just what you need to love the way you look. 

    When you schedule a consultation for a nose job, Dr. Qazi and his team will talk you through a few different elements of the procedure. 


    First, you will be instructed to prepare for the procedure. These instructions will be customized. You will need to stop taking blood thinners, as well as additional medications that may interfere with the procedure. You will also be instructed to quit smoking, drinking, and using harsh chemicals on your skin. 

    Next, Dr. Qazi will tell you what to expect for the recovery. You will want to take 2-5 days off work. After a week, the swelling will be significantly better and you will feel like yourself again. Most patients are able to resume normal activities between 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Within 4 weeks, the bruising will be healed and you can start enjoying your new nose. 

    Once you have asked all your questions during the consultation, you can discuss how you would like to proceed with Dr. Qazi. Because all consultations are no-obligation, you will feel no pressure to schedule a procedure. It is important for you to be 100% confident in your decision and excited for your new look before you book the procedure.

    3. Liposuction

    When Vanessa Hudgens appeared in the Savage X Fenty show, she looked stunning! While the Savage X Fenty brand is all about inclusion, most women probably want to look a little more like Hudgens when they don their own bra and panty set. 

    For most women, it is only a few minor spots that hold them back from feeling themselves in a bikini or lingerie. It is the fat on the thighs or the love handles or that extra bit of baby weight that won’t go away no matter what. This is where liposuction comes in. 

    Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure; it is actually a body contouring procedure. Liposuction can address those problem areas and smooth away the lumps. 

    When you get liposuction, this is what you can expect

    • Your weight must be relatively stable for a year before the procedure. 
    • Liposuction is always performed under general anesthesia. 
    • Once you are out, a small incision will be made in the treatment area. 
    • This incision is used to access the fat cells with a cannula. 
    • The cannula is used to vacuum out the fat cells.
    • At the end of the procedure, you will be bandaged up.
    • The removed fat cells are permanently gone, unless you gain significant amounts of weight. 
    • After the procedure, you will be cared for by a team of nurses until you are alert enough to be driven home by a friend or family member. 
    • For the first few weeks, you will need to wear a support garment over the treatment area. 
    • After 1 week, you can resume light activity, including returning to work. 
    • It normally takes 4 weeks for the swelling and bruising to heal. 
    • Your body will take 6-8 weeks to settle into its new shape. After 8 weeks, your results will be final. 

    After you are completely recovered from liposuction, any marks from the incisions will be healed to the point where they are invisible. At this time, you can celebrate your new figure by buying a Savage X Fenty set in every color.

    4. Facial Implants & Dermal Fillers

    One of the driving factors behind the Vanessa Hudgens plastic surgery rumors is her gorgeous facial structure. Hudgens has natural contour that accentuates her cheekbones and jawline. Not everyone is lucky enough to be genetically blessed like that, so Dr. Qazi has a few options. 

    If you want natural-looking contour without makeup, you have 2 options: facial implants and dermal fillers. 

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      Facial Implants

      Facial implants are the long-lasting, surgical option. This procedure is a lot like breast implants: skin-safe silicone is inserted under the skin to create instant volume. Facial implants can be utilized for the cheeks, chin, or jawline to give you better facial definition. 

      Many patients choose facial implants over dermal fillers because the procedure provides longer lasting results without the need for touch ups. Once the swelling subsides and you complete your 4-6 week recovery, you can enjoy your new contour for 10-15 years or longer. 

      Dermal Fillers

      Dermal fillers can achieve the same look as facial implants without the invasive procedure or long recovery. Fillers are an injectable that can be administered in a single 45 minute appointment. While some bruising is normal, patients are able to return to work or school immediately after their appointment. 

      However, dermal fillers have a trade off. They are quick, painless, and non-invasive, but the results do not last as long as the results from facial implants do. The body will naturally dissolve dermal fillers within 6-12 months, so you will require follow up appointments to maintain your results. 

      Dr. Qazi normally recommends that patients start out with dermal fillers to see if they like how they look. Because most types of dermal fillers can be dissolved safely, the results can be reversed if you don’t like your new look. Patients who decide that they want that Vanessa Hudgens-style effortless contour permanently may consider facial implants. 

      Portrait of Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini at the beach.

      Which Vanessa Hudgens Plastic Surgery Procedure Is Right for Me?

      Vanessa Hudgens was right when she said, “the ways that we make ourselves feel beautiful are different.” For the former Disney star, plastic surgery wasn’t the right path to help her feel beautiful. But for millions of women, a procedure is exactly what they need to feel beautiful and confident. 

      There is no one-size-fits-all for which procedures you should get. Some women want to fill out their swimsuits; others want to kiss their problem areas goodbye for good. Whether you want to improve your face, body, or both, the team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic is here to help! Schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Nadir Qazi to get expert guidance and support as you find your way to feel beautiful. 

      By: Dr. Nadir Qazi

      Dr. Nadir Qazi is a board certified physician specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques.

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