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Increase Breast Size With Implants or Fat Transfer

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    Embrace Your Curves and Enhance Your Bust

    Breast Augmentation in Orange County, CA

    Life changes can cause breasts to lose volume, including weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can fix breast asymmetry, create greater roundness, and fill out the chest. 

    The surgical team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic is highly experienced at giving patients results that match their frame. There are several different methods of achieving volume in the chest. The most popular technique is with implants. Implants can be inserted over or under the muscles of the chest. Another option is fat transfer, which is a more natural option for chest augmentation.


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    Breast Augmentation – Frequently Asked Questions

    The ideal candidate for breast augmentation is anyone over 18 years of age whose breasts are fully developed. For patients who want to enhance their chest, they should be physically healthy, have realistic expectations of the surgery, and not be pregnant or nursing. Breast augmentation is most popular among women who have lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also suitable for individuals who are undergoing MTF gender confirmation surgery.

    Breast augmentation is an effective procedure for adding volume to the breasts. Whether patients have lost volume due to aging or pregnancy or if they naturally have small breasts, augmentation can restore the chest and balance a woman’s frame.

    A breast lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin to correct sagging, reposition the nipple, and give the breasts a younger appearance. Breast lifts are designed to improve the shape of the breasts. Breast augmentation increases volume and corrects asymmetry.

    For women who have had kids, breast implants can make them feel more feminine, help them get back in touch with their bodies, and make them feel sexy again. Breast augmentation can also be a big confidence booster for women who have always had small breasts. Overall, augmentation can help balance  a woman’s frame, make it easier to fit into clothing, increase self-confidence, and make her feel more feminine. 

    Breast augmentation also has huge benefits for women who are surgically transitioning. Not only does the surgery reduce feelings of dysphoria, it also improves overall mental health and confidence.

    Patient will need to prepare for the procedure by avoiding blood thinners and certain herbal supplements for the 2 weeks prior to the surgery. For patients who are frequent smokers, they will need to quit smoking for at least 4 weeks. These recommendations are precautions to ensure that patients don’t experience any complications or excess bleeding. In the week before the surgery, all patients should avoid alcohol and self-tanning products.

    Initial results will be noticeable right away in the form of increased volume. Some swelling and bruising is normal and can obscure the results. It can take up to 4 weeks for the chest to heal enough for patients to enjoy the results. The results of  breast implants could potentially last a lifetime if patients do not choose to have them removed later in life.

    Patients should expect some swelling, discomfort, and changes in sensation immediately after the surgery. For the first 1-2 weeks, it is necessary to wear a special support bra 24/7, avoid blood thinning medications, and shower carefully. Most patients are safe to return to work after a week, depending on how physical their occupation is. 

    After the 3rd week, it is safe to transition to wearing a sports bra. After 6 weeks, patients are safe to go to saunas again and to wear regular bras again. It can take up to 6 months before the results are final, once the breasts have settled into shape.

    The best technique to minimize scars is to make the incision around the nipple or to hide it near the underarm. The surgical team at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic always uses the latest techniques to minimize scarring. Depending on the location of the incisions, it is possible to have no visible scars.

    It depends on the patient’s build and their unique needs. Fat transfer requires that the patient has fat on other areas of the body, like the abdomen, thighs, or hips, that can be moved into the breasts. It is also a more natural method of augmentation because it uses cells from the body to create volume. 

    Breast implants are more predictable and easier to customize in terms of size. They are also ideal for petite women, who do not have extra stores of fat on their bodies. Implants also last longer than a fat transfer and come with less risk of asymmetry. 

    There are several risks associated with breast augmentation, including: pain, tissue atrophy, asymmetry, thinning skin, capsular contractions, implant rupture, infection, hematoma, displacement, seroma, permanent changes in sensation, and changes to the shape of the implants.

    In rare cases, the results of breast augmentation can be permanent, but most patients have theirs removed or require a follow-up surgery to replace the implant after 10-15 years. It is possible for breast implants to be permanent if the implants do not rupture or become infected at any point. How long the results last will depend on the patient’s lifestyle, so all patients should avoid smoking, always wear supportive bras that fit properly, and avoid weight fluctuations.

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    Before and after results from a breast augmentation procedure performed at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Newport Beach, California.

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