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The Secret to Contouring Your Cheeks

Buccal Fat Removal in Orange County, California

The buccal fat pad is a round mass of fat located in the middle of the cheek, between the facial muscles and under the cheekbones. Everyone has fat in their cheeks, but the size of the fat pads can vary greatly from person to person. 

Buccal fat removal surgery is also known as a buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery. The procedure works by cutting away the buccal fat pads in the cheeks to create the appearance of thinner cheeks and a more angular face. 






Sculpt Your Natural Contours with Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a precision-based facial contouring procedure carried out by our board-certified plastic surgeons at Qazi Cosmetic Center in Orange County, with offices also located in Newport Beach. This procedure focuses on eliminating excessive buccal fat pads from the cheeks. Our team of board certified plastic surgeons are pioneers in facial sculpting procedures, enhancing our patients’ confidence with every treatment.

Buccal fat removal is an excellent choice for those seeking to accentuate their cheekbones and achieve a slimmer facial profile. Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons understands the nuances of buccal fat removal and are dedicated to crafting personalized treatment plans to meet our patients’ unique goals.

Your Buccal Fat Removal Experience with Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Orange County

During your consultation at our Orange County clinic, our expert team of board-certified plastic surgeons will explore your aesthetic desires. Our surgeons will provide a thorough understanding of our surgical technique.

We believe each individual’s facial structure is unique, and so should be the treatment approach. We encourage you to bring pictures to your consultation, which can guide our discussion about your aesthetic goals. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Newport Beach have curated a comprehensive before-and-after photo gallery on our website to help you understand what to expect from your buccal fat removal procedure.

What to Expect During Your Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Our board-certified plastic surgeons are committed to achieving the most natural results with buccal fat removal. Patient comfort is crucial to us during the procedure.

Our Unique Approach to Buccal Fat Removal

At Qazi Cosmetic Center, we pride ourselves on offering a level of service that sets us apart from other practices in Newport Beach. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County employ a unique technique for buccal fat removal, where we use a single precise incision to minimize the risk of complications and ensure a speedy recovery.

Additionally, we enhance the procedure by tightening the muscles, providing a more contoured look. Our surgeons specialize in combining buccal fat removal with Facetite, an innovative skin tightening procedure. This combination enhances the natural contours of your face, giving you a youthful and refined appearance.

Type of Anesthesia Used

At Qazi Cosmetic Center, we are proud to be among the few clinics nationwide that can perform buccal fat removal under local anesthesia, eliminating the need for general sedation. This innovation by our board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County ensures quicker recovery times and added comfort for our patients.

Buccal Fat Removal Recovery & Results: What To Expect

Post-procedure, you may experience mild swelling and discomfort, but these subside within a few weeks. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Newport Beach utilize advanced techniques that minimize post-operative pain and promote swift recovery.

To ensure a seamless healing process after your buccal fat removal procedure, please follow the comprehensive post-care instructions provided by our team of board-certified plastic surgeons.

Does Buccal Fat Removal Leave Scars?

Our strategic surgical approach ensures any scars are minimal and are located inside the mouth, making them practically invisible.

Buccal fat removal is a transformative procedure that reveals the natural contour of your cheekbones, thereby enhancing your overall facial appearance. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County at Qazi Cosmetic Center are here to guide you through this transformative journey.

How Soon Can I Return to Normal Activities?

Post-buccal fat removal, we recommend that our patients avoid strenuous activities for about a week. Most of our patients can return to work within a few days following the procedure. Our board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County closely monitor your recovery and will advise you on when it’s safe to return to your daily activities.

Combining Buccal Fat Removal with MicroLipo of the Neck

One of the keys to our success in creating natural, stunning results lies in our holistic approach to facial aesthetics. In addition to buccal fat removal, we can perform MicroLipo of the neck – a procedure that involves removing small amounts of fat to sculpt the neck and define the jawline. By doing this, we achieve a harmonious balance between the upper and lower face, resulting in a beautifully contoured appearance that accentuates your natural features.

At Qazi Cosmetic Center, our board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County are masters of precision and understand the importance of subtlety in facial aesthetics. You can trust our Newport Beach team to help you achieve the look you desire while ensuring your safety and comfort.

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Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons in Orange County, based at Qazi Cosmetic Center, is committed to providing you with the most advanced and effective solutions for facial enhancement. If you’re considering buccal fat removal in Newport Beach, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to aesthetic excellence.


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Buccal Fat Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

A good candidate for buccal fat removal is someone who is in good physical health, is at a healthy weight, but has a rounder, fuller face. The best candidate is a non-smoker who has realistic expectations. Individuals seeking facial feminization surgery may also qualify for this procedure if their buccal fat pads are large enough to necessitate removal.

Yes, this surgery is low risk and minimally invasive compared to other procedures. When performed by experienced, trained surgeons, the surgery is perfectly safe.

Yes, men who have large buccal fat pads and want a thinner, more angular face are good candidates for buccal fat removal surgery.

Before the procedure, patients are instructed to quit smoking at least 4 weeks before the procedure. We also recommend avoiding blood thinning medications at least 2 weeks before. Patients must abstain from alcohol for one week prior, and follow all other instructions given by the surgical team.

Immediately after the procedure, a change in shape and size of the cheeks will be noticeable. Some swelling is normal, and it will obscure the results initially. Most patients make a recovery after 5 to 7 days. The results are final after 4 months once the cheeks settle into a final shape.

All patients are given specialized care instructions, including how to prevent infection and change the bandages. It will be necessary to stick to a liquid diet until the incisions heal enough for a solid diet. Any swelling and bruising can take up to 14 days to heal. In some cases, it can take up to 3 weeks to fully recover. Most patients are safe to return to normal activities after 7 days.

No, there will be no visible scars. The buccal fat pads are removed from the inside of the mouth. Because there are no incisions made on the face, patients will not have visible scars.

The procedure will not be painful. For patients who are only receiving this procedure, local anesthesia is used to prevent pain. Most patients report feeling zero pain and only minimal discomfort during the recovery.

Schedule a consultation at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic to learn if this surgery is right for you. After Dr. Qazi examines your cheeks, he will make a recommendation. Patients who are good candidates for the procedure will be referred to Dr. Qazi’s team of plastic surgeons. 

Some people do not qualify for the procedure because they do not have adequately sized buccal fat pads to necessitate it. If this is the case, Dr. Qazi may recommend another procedure, like liposuction, to reduce the side of the cheeks.

This procedure is generally very safe, and carries little risk of side effects. Some rare side effects include: infection, lockjaw, hematoma, seroma, excessive fat removal, facial asymmetry, and salivary gland damage.

Yes, it is safe to get buccal fat removal at the same time as other plastic surgery procedures. Buccal fat removal can be performed at the same time as a facelift, rhinoplasty, botox injection, lip augmentation, or facial implants. When patients undergo multiple surgical procedures, we always use general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia.

Once fat cells are removed from the body, they do not come back. This is true for the buccal fat pads as well. The results are almost entirely permanent. The only way for the results to be reversed is if patients gain weight or the shape of the face changes with age.

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