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Our customized Microgold facials are collagen boosting treatments which uses twenty 24 carat gold needles- that are finer than hair follicles- to penetrate deep in to the skin and deposit anti aging ingredients. At Qazi Cosmetic Center, we believe every patient is unique and we personalize a combination of neurotoxins (botox, xeomin or dysport) along with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other anti aging nutrients in to a customized serum depending on each patient’s needs. The results are smaller pores, reduced redness, an instant plump, and a youthful glow with minimal downtime.






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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed


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“Thank you so much Dr. Qazi and amazing staff for a phenomenal job on my Microgold fine touch facial!

I’m glowing! I absolutely recommend Dr. Qazi’s expertise and experience in the advances of Aesthetic medical treatments! I will definitely be going back.”

Mona J.

“I recently had the Micro Gold facial with Dr. Qazi and my skin immediately was glowing!

He made me feel very comfortable and answered ALL my questions! I would HIGHLY recommend this facial for anyone attending special events or just for a daily dose of glow in your life! Thank you Dr. Qazi and team! I will definitely be coming back for my next facial.”

Gabriela H.

“I made an appointment at the Qazi Cosmetic Clinic for a MicroGold Facial Treatment,

also called the Super Facial, which is a popular facial amongst celebrities and influencers these days, so I was excited to try it. There is no shortage of cosmetic clinics in LA or even Irvine alone, but Dr. Qazi’s bed side manner, and his staff are unparalleled, which is why I find myself making the hour and twenty minute trek down to Irvine to see Dr. Qazi.”

Hina S.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

The main attraction to a Microgold treatment is that the deposited serum is customized to each patient and their skin needs. Typically, each infusion will include botox or xeomin combined with a proprietary Qazi Cosmetic Clinic combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and other healthy nutrients for your skin.

Anyone that wants glowing, healthy skin without downtime is an ideal candidate for this treatment. This treatment is excellent for minimizing pore size, reducing redness, filling fine lines, evening out skin tone, and preventing acne flares. Many of our regular clients use this treatment prior to major events to prepare their faces to be HD camera ready.

Yes, definitely! Men can enjoy the benefits and instant results from Microgold facial treatments.

You should expect the procedure to take approximately 30 minutes for face, 45 minutes for face and neck, and 1 hour for face, neck, and chest. These are estimated times and treatments may be shorter or longer depending on the patient.

The procedure is usually very well tolerated by itself, however, a topical numbing cream can be provided for clients who are more sensitive to pain.

Just as you cut your hair or trim your nails, you should continue to do Microgold facials to help maintain your youthful appearance. For best results, Aquagold treatments should be combined with other treatment modalities and products. With proper care, you can keep your skin consistently vibrant and smooth.

For best results, we initially recommend at least 3 treatments spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. Treatments should be scheduled regularly to maintain optimal results.

Yes, Definitely! Our signature Microgold treatment can be customized for pregnant or nursing women to fit their needs

Many people notice a difference within only a few hours post procedure. However, for major events such as weddings, we recommend scheduling an Microgold treatment approximately one week ahead of your big event.

Alcohol, blood thinners and medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and plavix may increase bleeding and should be avoided. Please discuss this with your doctor if there are any concerns.

We recommend patients avoid makeup on the day of the procedure, however, we can also remove this for you in the office if required.

We do not have any significant post treatment requirements.

You can expect mild redness immediately after the procedure. However, this should clear up within a few hours and

As a precaution, we suggest booking your facial one week prior to any big event to allow the skin adequate time to heal and for your face to be smooth and camera ready.

Yes, Definitely! Patients with any skin tone and type can benefit from our Microgold treatment.

Microgold treatments involve superficially penetrating the skin to infuse our proprietary cocktail directly into the skin. There are of course risks involved in any procedure, however, our professional team is trained to minimize risks and perform the Microgold facial treatment with proper care.

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