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Clinically proven to build muscle and decrease fat cells, Qazi Cosmetic Center’s HD Sculpt™ treatment can build the body of your dreams. HD Sculpt™ uses direct electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to cause rapid, targeted muscle contractions. Our remarkable technology can be used to sculpt your arms, abs, buttocks, or even your thighs. HD Sculpt™ has been shown to destroy fat cells in the targeted area and increase muscle mass by up to 30%.







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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

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At Qazi Clinic, our patient’s satisfaction is our number one priority

“I came in Dr. Qazi Cosmetic Clinic to try out the HD Sculpt machine.

This Sculpt machine targets a certain part of your body (arms, legs, thighs, or butt) and it uses electrical muscle stimulation to destroy fat cells and increase muscle mass. I chose to do my upper arms and lower abdomen area as those areas are the hardest for me to see results. One session is 45 minutes long and you definitely feel like you did an intense arm/ab session after. Usually jeans would fit me snug on the stomach area, but I noticed the next morning after my first session, my jeans felt a lot looser. I noticed that my arms had a lot more definition as well. Overall, I highly recommend trying out the HD sculpt for those that want to tone a certain area!”

Connie Y.

“I could not be happier with my experience and my results.

I received 6 sessions of the HD Sculpt treatment at the Qazi Cosmetic Clinic.Dr. Qazi and the staff could not be friendlier or more professional. They never kept me waiting. They were very attentive and always made sure I was comfortable during the sessions, which were painless! Each session you are hooked up to a machine that contracts your muscles for 45 minutes while you are laying down comfortably. I was replying to emails on my phone the entire time. I took before and after photos and I am already seeing incredible results and great definition on my abs. I would highly recommend Dr. Qazi and the HD Sculpt treatment to anyone who wants to tone up any areas of their body! It is highly effective!”

Gina V.

“I have been doing HD Sculpt at qazi cosmetic clinic and it’s been amazing for my body.

I initially just wanted to target my abs and thighs but I ended up getting a lot of sessions so that I can target other areas as well. Right now, my whole body is much stronger and I am able to workout a lot better. My pants and belts are all looser which was really surprising. His system definitely works really well.”

Philip F.

“I received 4 sessions of HD SCULPT on my arms!

Staff is super friendly & accommodating. Gabriella does a good job at following up after your treatments to make sure you’re satisfied! Clinic is very clean & cozy! Over all I was satisfied with the service.”

Aimee D.

“5 stars to Dr Qazi he really make me feel happy with the results.

He is really an artist , excellent professional very humble and really take his time with the patient and is willing to answer  all questions.  I felt very comfortable with all the staff .  I highly recommend this state of the art clinic.”

Laura L.

“Awesome experience with Dr. Qazi

He was informative and professional during the whole process. I will continue to work with him in the future!”

Andrew M.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

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HD Sculpt is currently available for use on the arms, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Men and Women who already maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle will likely have the best results from HD Sculpt. The goal is to further enhance and tone your body.

An HD Sculpt treatment typically takes 40 minutes. We can target two treatment areas during the session.

You initially should do 4 treatments of each muscle group within 2 weeks to see optimal results. You will then want to improve and enhance your muscles with additional sessions.

You may instantly notice a change but full results can be seen in 2 to 4 weeks. Our expert team will guide you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

This treatment is extremely comfortable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy tighter, firmer muscles.

No, this is one area where the electrical stimulation could be dangerous and we therefore, do not do this in this area.

There are no precautions post treatment

We recommend you not schedule any special events within two weeks of your HD sculpt treatment as results can take up to 14 days to fully settle. Traveling post treatment is considered safe.

We will not perform HD Sculpt if you are pregnant, however, there are no contraindications if you are nursing.

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