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Welcome to Qazi Med Spa, Orange County’s premier med spa for Minitox, our innovative, FDA-approved neurotoxin treatment. Located in the heart of Orange County, we specialize in personalized Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport injections that rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural beauty while allowing you to maintain your natural expressions.

At Qazi Med Spa, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique, which is why our skilled team takes the time to carefully tailor Minitox treatments to suit your individual needs. By temporarily paralyzing muscle activity with our specialized technique, Minitox smooths out wrinkles and restores a more youthful appearance with little to no downtime or bruising.

Our expert team is committed to providing the best Botox injections in Newport Beach and Orange County, ensuring you receive the stunning, natural-looking results you desire. To maintain your refreshed look and prevent new wrinkles from forming, we recommend booking regular Minitox treatments at our med spa.

Qazi Med Spa’s Minitox treatments are the perfect solution for those seeking a natural, youthful glow without compromising their ability to express themselves. Experience the difference that our expertise and personalized approach can make, and book a consultation today.







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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

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At Qazi Clinic, our patient’s satisfaction is our number one priority

“Dr. Qazi is the best doctor. I went to him and he spends time and listens to you.

He guides you to everything that is true and appropriate and does not force you to do anything. I did my cheeks and neck with threads. I also did botox on my forehead. None of my friends believe the price. The prices are only at Doctor Qazi Cosmetic Clinic”

Hala C.

“I have been getting botox injections for a long time,

but I found that either the doctors would freeze my face too much and make me look really stiff, or they would just barely do anything and I would be disappointed in the results. Dr. Qazi though has been really exceptional in the way we he does his injections. First of all, there is almost zero pain with the way he does it. It’s super comfortable and quick. Second, he does it in a way that just makes everything look less “harsh” or “angry”. I literally would never go anywhere else now”

Agata R.

“I really wish I found out about this place sooner.

I had been getting botox and fillers done with other doctors but Dr. Qazi is another level with the way he does them. He is basically an artist. I am not going anywhere else.”

Alexandra I.

“I have to admit, I was interested in coming here because a friend shared Dr. Qazi’s instagram page with me.

For someone that is as popular as him, I am really surprised by how down to earth and authentic he comes across. He did a great job with threads on my face and I also had him do my smile lines, botox, and lips. Everything really has come together remarkably well.”

Alex D.

“We moved down from LA so I was looking for a new derm for botox.

I usually need it pretty regularly since i have a really strong forehead. Anyways, I ended up seeing Dr. Qazi. His office was being painted at the time but its super convenient and easy to park at. I ended up getting my usual dose of botox and I also agreed to do some fillers on my face for the first time. He did my under eyes, cheek and jawline and did an amazing job. Kept everything very natural looking but it just looks great.”

Steve L.

“This clinic makes me feel like I am home and I always leave looking beautiful.

There is nothing to worry about and the treatments are very comfortable. I have done many treatments and they are all worth the trip. I really like Dr. Qazi and nurse here. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. I trust them with everything.”

Patricia W.

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Minitox – Qazi Clinic’s signature technique for Botox, Xeomin, Dysport can be used on the forehead to treat or prevent fine lines. It can also be used between the eyebrows to treat or prevent frown lines as well as around the eyes to treat or prevent crows feet. It is often used around the mouth to fix a gummy smile and it is also used on the neck to treat or prevent lines. More advanced injectors are able to treat jawlines to help slim the face, the temporomandibular joint to treat symptoms of jaw tightness or TMJ, and on the underarm area to treat excessive sweating.

Men and Women in their 20’s and 30’s are perfect candidates to start subtle Minitox treatments for preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Those who are already seeing signs of aging are also welcome to come in and turn back the clock with specialized treatments for their needs. Minitox is also a helpful option for those patients experiencing pain from TMJ and those dealing with excesses sweating in their underarms.

Yes, definitely! Men can enjoy the benefits and natural results from Minitox treatments.

A botox/xeomin treatment typically can take 15-30 minutes depending on the treatment area.

This all depends on the areas being treated and how much movement you want to prevent. Our expert injectors will help you get the results that you desire.

You may instantly notice a change but full results can be seen from 4 to 14 days. We recommend patients wait a full 14 days before coming in for a touch up after their first appointment. Patients with deep lines may require a combination of different treatments to get their desired results. Our expert team will guide you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Sometimes, due to patient anatomy or excessive grinding, the muscles of the jaw become hyper developed and tense which contribute to TMJ pain. Minitox – Qazi Clinic’s signature technique for Botox, Xeomin, Dysport can help reduce that tension and thus, help relieve the pain.

Minitox works by temporarily targeting the chemical that activates sweat glands. It thus “stops” the targeted glands from starting the sweating process. This procedure is considered safe as these glands were likely hyperactive, and we have countless other sweat glands in our body that are still able to operate as usual.

Whether it is due to genetic makeup, ethnicity, or anatomical variance, some people have enlarged masseter muscles which causes a square face. Minitox can be injected into these muscles to help relax the muscle and create a more narrow, feminine jaw.

Results can be seen after one treatment but you may require a touch up two weeks after your first Minitox appointment to get your desired results. To maintain these results, we recommend patients to book their treatments every 3 months. Touch up appointments do require an additional purchase and are not included as part of the initial treatment.

Typically, results can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the area treated. At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, we strive to provide natural results and believe less is more. Conservative doses of botox will result in your muscle movement coming back faster, and so we recommend that patients come in regularly and book a treatment every 3 months to maintain the best, natural results.

Minitox – Qazi Clinic’s signature technique for Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, is injected with very small needles and is usually tolerated very well. Most patients feel no pain and some say they feel a mild sting or pressure comparative to the sensation of getting a vaccination.

Alcohol, blood thinners and medications such as aspirin and plavix can increase bleeding and should be avoided. Please discuss this with your doctor if there are any concerns. In addition, massages, facials, and exercising is to be avoided on the same day of your Minitox treatment.

Avoid NSAIDS such as ibuprofen and naproxen as well as blood thinners for at least 48 hours after the procedure. In addition, patients should not rub the injection site areas for several hours after the procedure and should avoid laying down or otherwise positioning themselves where the product could potentially diffuse into an unwanted area.

We recommend you not schedule any special events within two weeks of your botox treatment as results can take up to 14 days to fully settle. Travelling post treatment is considered safe.

Touch up appointments do require an additional purchase and are not included as part of the initial treatment. Most patients do not require a touch up but if you feel you would like some more units of Minitox you are welcome to book another appointment with our expert team to achieve your desired results.

The effects of Minitox during pregnancy or nursing have not been studied and so we advise patients in these conditions to avoid this treatment.

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