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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with our Eraser Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Removal in Orange County, CA

Laser hair removal is a popular and effective method for permanently reducing unwanted hair. At Qazi Cosmetic Center, we have the fastest device on the market: our Eraser Laser. It’s never been easier to achieve smooth, hair-free skin without pain. This innovative device is safe for all skin types and can be used on a variety of areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area.

The laser hair removal process works by targeting the melanin in hair follicles. This laser emits a beam that is absorbed by the melanin, causing the hair follicle to heat up and be destroyed. This stops the hair from growing back, resulting in long-lasting hair reduction.

One of the best things about this laser is that it is virtually pain-free and works with all skin types. Unlike traditional hair removal methods such as waxing or plucking, our laser hair removal doesn’t cause pain, discomfort or skin irritation on sensitive skin. This is because the device has a unique cooling system that helps to keep the skin cool and comfortable during the treatment as well as being designed to be gentle.

Also, since our Eraser Laser is one of the fastest lasers in the market it makes the process fast and convenient for busy people who want to get rid of unwanted hair quickly. With long-lasting results, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin all year round.






Treatment Options

Members can save even more with our bundle pricing: 3 Sessions (10% Off), 6 Sessions (15% Off), 10 Sessions (30% Off). Most of our patients need 6-10 sessions.

Extra Small Area | Starts at $95

Treatment Areas: Areola, Chin, Fingers, Toes, Sideburns, Trail or Upper Lip, Ears

Small Area | Starts at $105

Treatment Areas: Bikini , Underarms, Hands with Fingers or Feet with Toes, Front Neck, Back Neck

Medium Area | Starts at $138

Treatment Areas: Brazilian , Half Arms, Chest, Breasts, Face (no forehead)

Large Area | Starts at $165

Treatment Areas: Buttocks, Half Legs, Abdomen, Full Arms with hands and fingers

Full Body | Starts at $715

Treatment Areas: Back of neck to toes

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal is a great option for anyone suffering with unwanted hair on their body. Our advanced lasers are suitable for both men and women of all skin types. Previously, it was unsafe to perform laser hair removal on many darker skin types. The Lasers used exclusively at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic bypass the pigment on the skin, and therefore are effective on anyone.

Yes, we perform Laser Hair Removal on all areas of the body for men. Men are welcome to book an appointment and come in to greatly reduce the appearance of their unwanted hair.

Depending on the areas being treated, a single laser hair removal treatment can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour and a half.

After a complete course of sessions, you may feel the need to do a touch up treatment once or twice a year. However, many patients find the results to be permanent.

Our laser system is considered to be the luxury class of lasers on the market and are widely recognized to be the most comfortable for patients. For sensitive areas, we can provide topical numbing creams if requested.

The amount of treatments required varies from each patient’s hair type. At your first appointment, our expert team will give you a free consultation and advise you on the best treatment course for your needs. Typically, 6-12 sessions are recommended for the best results.

No, we do not recommend or perform Laser Hair Removal on women who are pregnant or nursing.

Those who have had a recent sunburn are advised to not treat that area until it has resolved.

Patients are asked to completely shave the treatment area prior to their appointment.

We advise our patients to avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds. We also recommend to regularly apply sunscreen.

You can expect mild redness immediately after the procedure. However, this should clear up within a few hours and

Yes, these treatments have zero downtime, and patients are welcome to continue with their daily activities and special events.

Yes, our laser hair removal system is proven to be safe on all skin types. Previously, it was unsafe to perform laser hair removal on many darker skin types. The lasers used exclusively at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic bypass the pigment on the skin and, therefore, are effective and safe on anyone.

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