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    PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Irvine, California

    Hair FX™ is our exclusive non-surgical hair restoration system at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic. We use our next generation platelet rich plasma (PRP) to directly fertilize the hair follicles and stimulate robust hair growth using a pressurized jetstream.

    For the first time, this procedure is effective, non invasive, and virtually painless. Firstly, blood is drawn from the patient and placed into a machine called a centrifuge. The blood is spun rapidly to separate into three layers: platelet poor plasma, platelet rich plasma, and red blood cells. That platelet rich plasma (PRP) is full of growth factors and this is then further activated to create a Fibrin Matrix which allows the platelets to last longer in the area. We then inject PRP into the balding area to stimulate natural hair growth and protection.

    Our Hair FX™ procedure has results that are long lasting but is very comfortable and has no social downtime.


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    *Results may vary and are not guaranteed


    At Qazi Clinic, our patient’s satisfaction is our number one priority


    “Dr Qazi performed PRP for my hair loss.

    It regrew my hair and made it thicker. I read about prps effect on hair loss and I’m glad I got it done by Dr. Qazi. It was painless, easy and worth it.”

    Joe R.

    “Awesome experience with Dr. Qazi

    He was informative and professional during the whole process. I will continue to work with him in the future!”

    Andrew M.

    “Absolutely fantastic doctor!

    Really love the staff here!!! And does amazing work!!! Very very very please and impressed!”

    Emily C.

    *Results may vary and are not guaranteed

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any male or female with thinning hair, preferably in areas where follicles can still be observed. PRP Hair Fx™ not intended for those who are completely bald. It is best to receive treatment as soon as you are noticing signs of hair loss.

    Expect one PRP treatment to take a total of 1 hour.

    At Qazi Cosmetic Clinic we use an FDA approved device that uses no needles and causes zero pain! Channels are created using a jetstream of oxygen that goes up to 4mm deep without trauma to the scalp.

    We recommend a starter plan of 4 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. After this, we then recommend ongoing treatments at least every 6 months.

    PRP can be considered safe during pregnancy since we would be injecting your own blood, however, we would recommend talking to your primary care doctor prior to any treatment.

    Most patients can start to see results 4 weeks post treatment, however, best results are seen after three treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

    No, this treatment is non-invasive and achieves hair growth without the discomfort of needles! 

    We would avoid doing PRP on patients with certain blood or platelet disorders, chronic liver disease, or patients on anticoagulation. We would also recommend avoiding NSAIDs for 5 days prior to treatment and to avoid smoking as these can increase bleeding and prolong healing.

    You are able to continue your daily work and activities post treatment. We would recommend against wearing a hat for the next few days and not showering your hair for 48 to 72 hours.

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